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45 years inside the American judicial system. It's not justice. It's a business that runs on the back of the Drug War. This could be a long conversation and i'll revisit. Completely agree.

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Wish more could see it, that's why I had to step away.

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You're a good man for seeing the reality of it and walking away. Good on you, brother.

What makes you a cut above though is not just sitting and stewing on it. For speaking out, I thank You.

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Couldn't agree more. It is not the job of law enforcement to come running to the rescue to defend some stupid pussy fuck who refuses to defend his own children with a gun. A lot of problems would be solved if more people had guns.

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yep, and when people start killing the people who perpetrate crimes against them then the consequence becomes to great for criminals.

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When the government supports the criminal, as in trafficking networks taking your kid under guise of family law, they also slap an injunction on you and make you give up your guns.

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They bury the stats but accounting and legal are the two largest industries that add no value to the country. Real esate is first but that's an obvious value add industry.

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How I know you're legit:

The system protects the criminals from the victims not the other way around as you might think.

Spot on.

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Your smart for seeing things for what they are, being able to pull back the curtain and see the truth is impossible for most people.

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Solipsism is the disease of the West. Otherwise known as "If I don't think it's true, it can't possibly be true."

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Blacks make up 16% of the population...yet commit 28% of all rapes and 51% of all murders.

Let’s start there.

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How does one “start there” as if black crime is foundational to all crime?

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Don't be bringing in blacks. You are a damn shill.

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How much does the JIDF pay you? Ya fuckin' kike!

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Start to face facts by pulling your head out of your ass and taking a serious look at the statistics he is quoting. They are not a lie, they define the problem in real numbers.

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If people took law into their own hands, they would also be smart enough to defend ourselves against the guy who comes to steal your money in the name of taxes or all the other bullshit laws they have come up with to grow their empire.

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You are seeing it, it all connects, anything to stop "self empowerment".

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Big redpill for a lot of people, and I've never heard it phrased quit this way before. I hope you write a book.

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thanks. maybe I will someday.

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How bout that wonderful "civil" asset forfeiture? That's a big one right there. How much money do law enforcement steal every year?

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not as much as there was before, laws have changed making the burden higher and liability higher for LE.

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Huge conflict of interest there. That and ticket/fine revenue (although to a lesser extent).

Even if the money was proven to be drug/blood money (and the possessor getting due process), the money should not go to the police/sheriff department or a slush fund. It ought to go to the state's general fund.

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How about to the victims of the crime?

If no victim then IT IS NOT A CRIME.

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Justice is the key foundation to wealth otherwise there is no reason to obtain it. With an armed populace everyone is a cop capable a delivering justice.

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that what is needed for true liberty, that's the way it was when the country was founded. That's the only way it can be in a free republic.

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