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Like the spy chips the CIA placed inside the Apple phones without congressional oversight or authority? And the chips inside of ZTE products, phones modems Etc?

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Regardless of what is posted here, people arguing otherwise, conspiracy theories, whatever, I know for a first hand fact that the CIA funds tech companies with seed money and some venture capital under the premise that the tech will benefit their organization once it is fully developed.

This isn't my own conspiracy, I have been in several meetings with my company (a tech company) management and In-Q-Tel reps who were establishing how much money we would need to see our company succeed. All they needed was full access to our software.

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This fully explains the success of Facebook, Google, Gmail, Twitter, Youtube, etc when all of them burn through more cash than they earn.

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Zuckerberg, Gates, etc... all are figure heads to distract people thinking it was a home grown business. You think Gates and Zuckerberg were geniuses? Bullshit. Look at Gates. His father was a prestigious lawyer and a director of Planned Parenthood. Zuckerberg has bloodlines to Rockefellers. Both of these snot nose kids were given empires to run for the NWO. Most CEOs are NOT geniuses but bloodlines to the club and they were given kingdoms called corporations. Board of directors set on other boards.

Corporations are luciferian kingdoms that were setup for globalism to control the world without law applying to them.

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Opens right after another program closed, and we the people fell into it hook, line, and sinker.

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Probably the most successful intelligence gathering operation ever. Or at least one of them

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Indeed, but hardly a surprise when they misled everyone about it's purpose.

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Here is a great primer on the creation of Google and Facebook. Both are evil and Deep State: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IARczUg4JwI

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Moar: Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth's secret plan to take over the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H7mkR1z_n0

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Fuck OANN!

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how are more not outraged that microsoft, amazon, netflix... all wanted your data illegally.

integrity is not valued. it will be their downfall.

all the seven deadly sins... they can boost you up for a while, but eventually the devil comes and takes what you didn't earn.

of course you created the devil, because evil is only what you put into the world that you don't want back.

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Coming from the media industry, money laundering through their advertising would not surprise me: fake profiles, bloated metrics, the ease of creating your own advertising account...

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Can you elaborate? I’m scratching my head on his laundering thing.

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Friggen duh. Look up "LifeLog" and see what it's aims and goals were , and when it shut down - then look up "FaceBook"and see when it started up . Coincidence?

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