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Trump took on DS. He didnt have to, he could've just bought an island and relaxed. Instead, he put himself and his family at risk. For love of country and God. Thats a hero!

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Agreed. I do think he’s really enjoying himself though. He trolls the media like nobody else in world history

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Trump is a troll legend.

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GOD in Heaven, I'd follow this man-(Potus DJT)- into the jaws of Hell- with CONFIDENCE, to Save Our Nation!

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I'm hoping the pew where all the Presidents sat was bugged. That way they could catch them panicking/admitting to stuff.

Could explain why the POTUS and FLOTUS arrived much later they knew once he showed up they'd clam up like they ultimately did.

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You don’t roll around in shit any more than you have to.

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That is what the shills don't understand; that is why his base is rock solid. Why would any sane human being put himself through this unless he was the real deal?

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Trump isn't wearing a black tie either.. Another way to separate himself from the crowd visually.

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Wow, I didn't pick up on that but you are correct. Huge giveaway.

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But not a red tie?

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Seems obvious, but it doesn't look like the real Hillary to me. I hate those losers.

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A) she drinking heavy again- explains the facial bloat.

B) she got one of those young blood transfusions

C) mortician's funeral staff accompanying 41 included a makeup artist who had some hyaluronic acid cream.

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My money's on body double.

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D) she’s trying to decide whos funeral is going to provide the next distraction. Bill or Carter.

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She looks like shit that’s been warmed up, tossed on the ground, and warmed up again.

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Kinda like McDonald’s

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I thought it looked like the real her although she seemed to be in better health than usual, so maybe not. Her body double has less wrinkles though.

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I agree. Looked like the same one who was a no names funeral.

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What was happening at that point in the service?? I see everyone mouthing (whether reading or singing something) including Ivanka in the background...

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They were all reciting a prayer/passage. Bush jr had it memorized as he didnt look down at his paper. Others were reading from the page. Potus and flotus not participating verbally, but remained attentive.

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It was the Nicene Creed which is Catholic, so maybe that's why POTUS/FLOTUS didn't participate and why the criminals all looked so comfortable saying it; allegiance to the Vatican?🧐 Everyone but P/F were praying to satan?? Just brainstorming, but that was the feeling I got from the clips I watched.

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I wondered the same thing. Would love to know.

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It was the Apostles Creed. Although the word "catholic"in it's context meant the entire Body of Christ, I wonder if it was a message to the Catholic Church cabal.

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Trump will become living legend to the world IF he over throws the satanists and reveals unknowns to take humanity to next level. God bless and speed on this endeavour.

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We can't even begin to fathom the magnitude of how big it would be if this all plays out as planned. He'd be a hero for the world, not just the US. The people who oppress us are the same who oppress Europe, all globalists...

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Trump is a Presbyterian, so his objection here wasn't Trinitarian doctrine. The National Cathedral is Episcopal. While there are some differences, I don't think it's enough for him to be opposed to the liturgy. The liturgy is just traditional Christian fare.

What Trump is probably objecting to is the thought of reciting the liturgy for GHWB man knowing everything that man has done. Jonah among the Ninevites.

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Mountains of gratitude in my heart and soul!! ❤️ May God's love and protection continue. On a side note - I wonder if it's hot in there for Al Gore?

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I had no idea what this was about, so I looked to the ultimate source; 8chan:

It's the Nicene Creed

The purpose of a creed is to provide a doctrinal statement of correct belief or orthodoxy. The creeds of Christianity have been drawn up at times of conflict about doctrine: acceptance or rejection of a creed served to distinguish believers and deniers of particular doctrines. For that reason, a creed was called in Greek a σύμβολον (symbolon), which originally meant half of a broken object which, when fitted to the other half, verified the bearer's identity.[9] The Greek word passed through Latin symbolum into English "symbol", which only later took on the meaning of an outward sign of something.[10]

The Nicene Creed was adopted to resolve the Arian controversy, whose leader, Arius, a clergyman of Alexandria, "objected to Alexander's (the bishop of the time) apparent carelessness in blurring the distinction of nature between the Father and the Son by his emphasis on eternal generation".[11] In reply, Alexander accused Arius of denying the divinity of the Son and also of being too "Jewish" and "Greek" in his thought. Alexander and his supporters created the Nicene Creed to clarify the key tenets of the Christian faith in response to the widespread adoption of Arius' doctrine, which was henceforth marked as heresy.

The Nicene Creed of 325 explicitly affirms the co-essential divinity of the Son, applying to him the term "consubstantial". The 381 version speaks of the Holy Spirit as worshipped and glorified with the Father and the Son. The later Athanasian Creed (not used in Eastern Christianity) describes in much greater detail the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The earlier Apostles' Creed does not explicitly affirm the divinity of the Son and the Holy Spirit, but in the view of many who use it, this doctrine is implicit in it.

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According to Patheos it was the Apostles' Creed used in the liturgy.

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orthodox christians recite the nicene creed every liturgy

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