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When Congress allows an ineligible President to be seated, they are all complicit in the treason. A natural born citizen only, is eligible. Not to be confused with naturalized citizen... example: Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen(his parents were Canadian citizens at the time of his birth, in Canada, and it is questionable if his mother actully established her US citizenship before she left the US at age 16 and reached her majority(establishing your citizenship as an adult by being a productive member of society and paying your taxes, etc). A Natural born citzen must have two US citzen parents at time of birth and be born on US soil (including protectorates and bases). This is why I could never support Ted, a supposed Constitutionalist, for president. Him following Obama's false presidency (as a naturalized citizen vs a natural born citizen) would have set a precident for undermining that clause in our Constitution. Obama's father was never a citizen, therfore he is a foreign usurper. All laws with his signature are null and void. You can fact check this in the Constitution and in the Federalist papers.

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Obama was sponsored by Iran- what else do you need. We should nuke the shit hole. And, draw and quarter him. Oh, yeah after he is disemboweled

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bro… Obama was and is sponsored by the CIA

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I thought his funding came from the Saudi's.

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Iran used to be a properous county full of middle class free people...then the C_A/DS stepped in and played another puppetmaster game. I sure hope other countries don't want to kill my family because an evil oligarchy corrupted the system...there are a lot of innocent victims throughout the world.

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Was suspicious of Cruz keeping his hand inside the lapel of his suit jacket, during the pledge of allegiance, before the repub debates...I took it as a sign that Cruz's Allegiance was to something else.

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His wife is a high up bankster...pretty much says it all. He totally disrespected the Constitution, he claims to love, by running for President.

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I took it as he like to touch his own nipple.

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Cruz is most definitely NOT a Natural Born Citizen. There is much speculation that his parents took advantage of the amnesty offered illegals under Reagan. But EVERYTHING is sealed - just like Obama.

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This is goofy. It's not how sociopaths work.

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it goes by mother or father,,i thought obama's mother was american...i would have to look it up i do not recall now

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To make one a naturalized citizen...a natural born citizen has two citzen parents. Naturalized does NOT mean the same as natural born.

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Cruz, McStain, and potentially Obama were all legally "Natural Born Citizens" as the rule only says ONE parent must be a natural born citizen for the child to have citizenship. https://harvardlawreview.org/2015/03/on-the-meaning-of-natural-born-citizen/

I have long maintained that the reason the Clintons and Obamas played this "He was born in Kenya!" game was as a distraction and not a real issue. Now, there is the problem that his "mother" (who knows if she really was) may have rescinded his US citizenship when they moved to Indonesia. If that's the case, he needed to reclaim it - possibly. But they would lean back on the fact that he was born as a natural born citizen no matter where he lived because of his mom.

That being said, I also believe he may have had an American born father as well. Frank Marshall Davis or Barry Shabazz aka Malcolm X (Dreams FROM my father would fit the latter's philosophy, not the former's. FMD was just an old pornographer and a ne'er do well.) I always surmised that they played an Alinsky game with the birth issue, as it was actually HRC's camp prior to the elections who tossed that and the gay baths out into the fray. It could have all been a ruse, a game to send the chickens running in those directions instead of the real story: that Hussein was bought and paid for by the Saudis. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2445630/posts

This is classic Alinsky. Detract Distract Deny... and now that they have Snopes all sewed up with Soros money, even when we try to awaken the sheep about this, they go to the (compromised) Wikipedia page or the (compromised) Snopes page to prove us wrong.

some day, Patriots, some day... Truth does come out eventually. I would like to be alive to see it!!!

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You're wrong on McCain. American all the way he was born on a US military base in Panama. That's considered American soil. You can't hold it against those service members that serve in the military and just so happen to have their kid while they're stationed overseas. At no time were any of their (or McCain's) parents ever anything but American citizens. 22 year military member here.

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I'm going to stick with the Constitution on a natural born citizen has two citizen parents. Obamas father was never a citizen and especially wasn't when O was born. https://www.usconstitution.net/xconst_A2Sec1.html

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I also think Malcom X is more likely Obama's father. Look exactly alike... Images of the two

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Also, lawyers are licensed by the Crown...

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The important point is who Hussein is aiming the gun at. Red, White, and Blue. Spray. Q https://qmap.pub/read/1047

It was surreal the night that muslim clown won the 2008 election. After 911 there was no way a nobody with a name like hussein would win. The blatant in our face from msm he's not a muslim. Ya right.

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He was supported financially by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talel who was neutralized by Crown Prince Salman. Obama is fond of Islam, hates Christianity, but the guy is really a gay atheist.

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Patriot - that is one of the most exquisite short paragraphs in all of Voat. You sum it all up so succinctly. Thanks! I would add in two more adjectives, "The guy is really a gay, opportunistic, narcissistic atheist." He was held up his whole life like that baby lion in the Lion King, but he wasn't the heir apparent, he was fake, maybe you could say he was baby Scar.

In fact, didn't it feel like we were/are in the Lion King movie for the past decade? Obama is knighted as the King of the Jungle, but he's really SCAR. Sick Corrupted Asshole Reprobate. He lied and cheated his way into the position. As a result, the entire country went dark. People lost jobs, health insurance, companies, friends and family. Our racial divide was widened and it was a sad and sordid landscape.

Then Trump showed up like the rightful heir to the throne. All the hyenas are now screaming and wailing because they were counting on Scar continuing all their cushy perks for supporting his illegal entrance to the throne. (interesting that Whoopie Goldberg voiced one of them in the cartoon. GOLDBERG. Dude!)

I don't think he was an illegal president because he's not a citizen. I think he was an illegal president because he was put in office through Voter Fraud. All the shenanigans we saw in 2016 and this year pretty much prove it.

What scares me is that his presidency was predicted long before we heard of him. https://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/arab-broadcast-in-2006-we-will-have-a-muslim-in-the-white-house-by-2008/ I know I heard that this was said by Kissinger sometime after 9/11, so it was before 2006 as well.

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Please put this on bit chute before they destroy it. It's on Coreys Digs, but sometimes that's not enough. Thanks!

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I knew Loretta Fuddy. Beautiful woman. Kind, caring, thought supporting him she was doing the right thing. Had some conscience issues as his presidency went forward. Probably why they killed her. http://theamericanreport.org/2015/08/19/clues-unlock-obama-id/ http://www.thenationalpatriot.com/2014/01/the-real-obama-an-indonesian-muslim-socialist-puppet/

Interesting comment from years ago from "natural bored citizen." Dude, if you're on here, my apologies for quoting you without your permission -- but this is very insightful.

NaturalBoredCitizen | January 31, 2014 at 9:30 am | Reply My adaptive hypothesis is leaning to believing that Soebarkah is the reportedly dead child of Malcolm X (Bari M Shabazz) and Joanne Newman/Elizabeth Ann Duke. I am leaning towards believing that somehow perhaps through some unknown blood tie such as Pak Subuh founder of Subud being related, (father/uncle) to Malcolm X, as they (X and Subuh) look as much alike as Obama and X. l have come to believe that this is how and why BHO went to Indonesia and did so shortly after the assassination of X. He went for his safety, indoctrination, education, Islamic upbringing, preparation and was treated as royalty because of his relationship to X and perhaps to Subuh, either way Subuh I believe was his protector and this relationship added to the royalty, which Soebarkah claimed at Punahou School in Hawaii. I believe that there is a clear connection to the Dunham’s, whoever they were as it was possible X had known them or even more so that Joanne Newman knew them from the FBI. FBI? Yes, it is a historic fact that the FBI was watching, tracking and infiltrating The Nation of Islam and was also particularly tracking X and his later breakaway group, how better then to infiltrate using an adoring pretty young white groupie like Joanne Newman. Perhaps Joanne was the double agent infiltrator and had become radicalized, or was trained and permitted to be radical, as we know at points in the future she became a domestic terrorist who was never captured and used many aliases, (she also received relief from all charges, ‘illegally’ through some obscure magistrate and lives openly now and has a relationship with Bari) Sound like Ayers walking the streets? I believe that the Dunham’s (including Stanley Ann whoever she was if she was) may have been assigned to protect both Bari and Joanne shortly after she became pregnant. Yes I believe the Dunham’s were perhaps CIA or worse. I believe they offered cover and protection for the infiltrator and mother of X’s child. We must also remember that the schism within the ‘Nation’ that got started when he learned of and protested Elijah Muhammad’s reported affairs with his secretaries, which enraged X, who was adamantly opposed to these affairs. How ironic and dangerous for he himself to have an affair with a young white girl, who may have been discovered by the ‘Nation’ and perhaps been exposed by double dealing FBI infiltrators within in their midst. As we know from Fast and Furious the government will deal guns and drugs within the US and Mexico for a relationship that exposes other criminal cartels. So, upon X’s assassination, Joanne Newman pregnant with his love child and perhaps exposed as an agent of the FBI had to go to the mattresses. That’s where and why the Dunham’s, Hawaii, birth records, identities, etc. become rational and explainable that’s where Joanne Newman becomes explainable, including perhaps a continued relationship with our government as a never caught domestic terrorist, who was again acting as double agent and infiltrator, perhaps even deliberate provocateur. A red flag agent of federal intrigue. I believe that we must look at Soebarkah as the protected royal child of an FBI infiltration gone bad leaving their double agent and child in jeopardy and this is how they became disappeared through a witness protection or an NSA style coverup and records wash. Joanne never lost her value to them and this explains her and Bari’s elusive lives and oft seperation. Everything Bari, Barry Soetoro, Obama (father and son), Frank Marshall Davis, Subuh, the Ayers, (Joanne met Ayers as a fellow traveler in her domestic terrorist days most likely), is part of manufactured life designed to conceal, protect, and maintain further ‘assets’ in the name of Newman and Bari M Shabazz. And this would explain why no one anywhere in government will expose Obama and his exploits nor discuss or investigate his documentation, he’s one of them and on top of it he holds all the cards that demand their silence, his grab bag of insider intrigue and treason by the US government and the fact that he’s X’s son born of their own intrigue. Therefore the treasonous misadventures and criminal double action speaks volumes as to why no one can or will touch him: Bring his ineligibility up to a court or to a Congressman or Senator, to any Law official and the men with scary ID’s show up and say, STOP! this is a matter of National Security, we assure that he’s Natural Born (and if I’m right about X and Newman he would be), but we can’t discuss it and by the way we know you’re a cross dressing child molester and your kid’s aren’t yours and you gave your dog AIDS etc.) or they kill you perhaps. (Breitbart?) How many dead bodies litter Obama’s path both good guys and bad guys? Ask yourself what would happen in Black and Obot America if Obama is arrested or impeached and he says: I’m Malcom X’s love child and me and my family where a protected asset of the DOJ doing their bidding undercover both here and abroad and I never lost my Natural Born status because my mom and I were government agents doing their bidding, and that ‘bidding’ involved lots of bad things? Imagine. Both the Black Nation and every sympathetic Obot would be in the streets. So, in short, I am tending to believe that Obama is Natural Born, and may have a good argument and explanation as to his own mysterious missing life and access to institutions of higher learning with scholarships and connections galore, why and how he went to Pakistan and more. The US Government, Subud, Ayers family and the wealth of people in high places and mysterious groups grooming him as the expectant Royal son (The Dauphin) of the unfinished business of his assassinated father now makes sense. This plan was almost interrupted when he was in a terrible criminal car accident in Hawaii, which is the reason why his head is full of unexplained scars and why the mysterious use of Bari M. Shabazz as the named driver, who failed to report for trial and then later mysteriously died without a death certificate. This also clearly explains his lack of interest in his American, African and Indonesian so called families. Nothing to see here folks keep moving. Just an adaptive hypotheses.

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Well, this sounds a lot more like the truth than any thing else I have ever read about him! An untouchable or else! Good Grief! Every enemy of America could extort US with him around! The terrorists definitely used him against US!

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Sucks when good people are duped by these satanists. Sadly, there are apparently around 66 million more out there being duped.

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That ^^^^^ is a great video. ThankQ for sharing. Q - if / when you read this, we'd love for you to comment as well on the video. THANKS!

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He had a VERY radical past when he was young. I'd guess he was pro-commie, or at least pro-socialism, and Socialism is just one step before Communism.

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Trump clearly knows O isn't a Natural Born Citizen (perhaps not a citizen at all). We know it's important to him. Because of the shi*storm that would happen if Obama was publicly proven to have NOT been an official president (all the bills, EO's etc were be voided or in limbo) - I wouldn't be surprised that they cover up O's background after he is executed, but still make a strong push to guarantee constitutional citizenship for EVERY office before they can be put on a ballot - especially at federal level.

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You are correct. Obama's real citizenship should probably remain sealed - otherwise years of legal battles and challenges would cripple the Country. Yes, he should be executed for treason, and reforms be implemented, to insure only U.S. citizens are elected.

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I personally would rather it be outted - making it impossible for ANYONE to even think of doing this in the future, regardless of the ramifications. Evil can only operate in secret and every crime and criminal operation imho should be fully disinfected with sunlight. It ESPECIALLY would redpill the entire black community which would NEVER EVER listen to another lie from those still left after after justice is served....

But I'm willing to settle for it being prohibited if the alternative would risk the plan to completely reset America with no Federal Reserve power, and Constitutional reforms.

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The truth never needs to be hidden

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Just as important and critical at this point in history are his two appointments to the Supreme Court!!

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He's CIA so it'll never be unsealed.

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Which of the 7 branchs of CIA are you referring to?

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Yes, I think this is it.

What I've seen is that when he transferred from Occidental to Columbia, he was recruited.

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I can bet if anything, it would confirm the existing theory that he's Indonesian and further, that he's some form of CIA operative, just as his mother was, groomed to play a role for the Deep State down the road...

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Interesting theory. I would like to get more info on the C-A angle. The more uncovered by tat org the more corrupt it appears. JFK was right (and why I think he was offed) about crushing the C-A into a thousand pieces. They were only to be an intelligence agency. Only. Shows how people with unlimited power go berserk.

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I'd like to know where hes really from. Bet hes an illegal.

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