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The Yellow Jackets are demanding Macron resign. He will have to resign to stop this. Same thing is happening in Berlin and Brussels. They are carrying Q signs a WWG1WGA. The EU is getting red pilled big time. Deep State Antifas are doing FF violence.

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I hate the violence, but I love to see the European citizens finally react massively to the decade old hidden (now overt) oppression. Just wish my countries people would join the protest - our PM is still saying he is going to sign the UN migration pact. :(

It must become more and more obvious to normal people that the MSM are lying their asses off right now. The DS is in full panic mode.

Never thought I'd be loving someones demise, but boy, the DS does not deserve any sympathy!

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Are you Canadian by chance? I pray Canadians wake up!!!! I find the more people I tentatively discuss politics with, the more I realize how many are awake, but still silent.

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Bonne chance et courage...d'un Canadien-Français.

Good luck and courage...

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Wishing you well in France, If Brexit does not happen here in the UK, we will be following you in France. Good Luck.

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This is coming to the UK, too!

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You better hurry up! May is about to sell the UK to the EU deamons, I doubt the British have any idea of what kind of information is being withheld from them. 10 DEC you're about to sign the UN migration pact. Come on Brits, join the fight for real independance

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Anything that is done by these Satanist animals will have to be UNDONE. Like President Trump is pulling the US out of all of these bad agreements.

I'm in the US, and you KNOW how our media is. If widespread revolt begins in the UK you are going to have to get word to us here or we well never know. Probably be told you are outraged by a new tea tax or something stupid. Which would actually be a fun bit of irony.

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We’ll sit and bitch about it for at least another referendum! 🙄

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I will laugh my ass off when the second referendum is called and it will only strenghten the will to leave the EU x)

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Half of me thinks this, but the other half of me sees the amount of propaganda and thinks "Nah, these idiots will eat all this shit right up and change their minds". And even then, what's to stop them fucking with the count somehow? I don't trust any of them. I've called this happening all year, if it comes I'm going to be furious (I already am just at what I'm seeing).

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You are correct, Hastings here ready.

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Exposing the Deep State will take courage and sacrifice. For the sake of our future and our children, WE CAN DO IT -- all over the world! We far out number the vile few that have oppressed us for so long. When their evil agenda is exposed, they will be finished! God be with us!

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God bless you and keep you. I had given up on my bucket list dream to visit Paris one day due to the Islamic takeover, but you are starting to take your country back! I'm so proud of my French brothers and sisters - WWG1WGA!!!

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Yellow Jackets = Hive Mind Q774 2293 Coincidence?

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And to think that on Saturday things seemed just business as usual; the avalanche may well be in motion. Semper Fi and Godspeed.

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