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I finally got RED OCTOBER.....!!

French, Belgium, Germany riots are NOT about gas tax.(JC)

In the Movie, Red October, Jack Ryan is trying to help a nuclear submarine captain defector from Russia, while keeping up apperances that they are Hunting the submarine to destoy it.

Very tricky operation.

Q is helping the good citizens of Every Country whose countries are hijacked by their Own Deep States, ...Certainly infiltrated by the illuminati.

Buzzfeed has an article today about the names and addresses of all the French Police being "lost" and oops, into the hands of criminals.

Two were assassinated in their homes.

Along with other spy scandels with North Korea. They labeled it "careless" instead of a crime ala James Comey.... Sound familiar?

The French Don't feel safe and know their country is being Sold Out.


And they Are Following Q

What is going on in our country, is going on in every free country, it is a HUGE rescue mission AND trying to weed the bad players from the good.

They got in control Exactly like the nasty clintons did ... Blackmail. They had the FBI flies on every single person in government, when BC was in Offiice.

If they found ANY dirt on politicians they used that to blackmail them, then forced them to rape a child and video taped it, to make damn sure they owned them forever.

This is where the pedophile/ child trafficking comes in. Once you rape a child, your conscience has pretty much been seared.

This is why Q said it would take down 70% of house and senate and Who Knows what other government officials?

Lindsey Graham is free now and ANGRY about what they did to him, they held it over his head he's a fag and maybe they didnt have to do much more....

This is why Trey and Sessions and some others couldn't be corrupted, they are Christians of the highest order and have risen in Rank on merit alone, unlike silver tongued average politician.

So they never received the "We got dirt on you" letter, They were teflon.

Please upvote!

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This is why Trey and Sessions and some others couldn't be corrupted, they are Christians of the highest order and have risen in Rank on merit alone, unlike silver tongued average politician.

This is also why they slow walked so many of President Trump's nominees. DS doesn't like anyone in positions of power that they can't leverage.

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I am no longer a Christian, but my moral values are high. Being a Christian does not make you any better than the next person. Many a corrupted Christian has walked among us. My standards are to treat everyone how I want to be treated. I fully support POTUS and stand behind Q 100%, and am willing and able to right for this great country. WWG1WGA!

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This is why Trey and Sessions and some others couldn't be corrupted, they are Christians of the highest order and have risen in Rank on merit alone, unlike silver tongued average politician.

Show me such a Christian who cannot be corrupted and I'll show you 100 that have been corrupted. Christianity does not confer greater character in a person. A man's character is his character regardless of his creed.

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Did you not read of the highest order? Not every Christian lives an exemplary life, but many do.

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True, but there are those who are above reproach. I used to be a corrupted Christian. Through a lot of self work and awareness, there is absolutely nothing worth me losing sleep over. Once your moral compass sets itself in even the basic commandments, anything less that compromises your character doesnt look appealing at all. There is not enough money or power in the world that is worth losing my peace.

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You got fake Christians. You got Christian wanna bees'. And you got the real McCoys. If you think you can tell the difference, then you are doing Gods' job. NOT qualified !!!

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No problem upvoating. Great post & spot on. This is so deep. Its hard to keep track of all the parts & we only know of a small portion of them.

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This is on point. LG being gay? Never considered it but I can see it!

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SRA. Remember? Fucks a person up for life.

And we are going to learn that it's been done to a whole lot more people than we realize. So grow up and get ready.


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He denies it, but it's his private business and he has every right to keep it that way. He's a patriot now, that's clear.

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Personally, I care not whether he's gay. I just care whether he's a white hat with high honor and integrity. Nothing else matters. Especially not in the situation we currently face.

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Yes he is gay and so are many more in congress. Gayness isn’t blackmail material anymore! I don’t trust LG, when thepressure is off he will be sold to the highest bidder!

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May France be one of many others to come after.

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We are witnessing history.

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Q going World Wide.


Vive le France!!

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Antifa destroys a western country and we cheer? EU solidifies their federal powers and we cheer?

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Vive la France. Vive la Libertè

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Err where was the guillotine invented? Or at least, first put to historical use..?

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My heavenly father, the surrender-monkeys are not surrendering!

I never expected to witness this!

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The French were always known as fighters. The surrender monkey thing is propaganda.

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Exactly, the only French towns that surrendered were the ones where all the men had literally been killed.

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They know how to revolt.

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The French have always been a ruthless stock of bastards. Using what happened in WW2 to stereotype the French is ignorant. In parts of France the USA is adored and held with high regard for our sacrafices for their country. Show some respect like the people show us and our fallen.

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Dear France, please send your most ruthless bastards to California. We need an education in how to so gloriously revolt. Thank you.

P.S. We have wine

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We wouldn’t be here if France didn’t send their navy over here. And the training they assisted with was also very important.

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and helped us win our revolutionary war

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naming the french as surrender monkeys is essentially admitting ones own historical ignorance. Vive la France!!

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When the overwhelming enemy possesses your land, the rules of engagement change. Bowing to the Germans or fleeing from a battle is a strategy. Annihilation doesn't allow for a comeback.

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sounds like Macron is popular with the people

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Why the fuck did they vote for that satanist globalist maggot in the first place - he smells of sulphur, just like Hillary and Obummer.

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I suspect that they didn’t. I suspect that just like in America for the last 30 years, that the elections have been rigged. I understand that the msm propaganda is strong but people aren’t as stupid as we’ve thought imo.

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Le Pen was the real winner, but there has been election fraud! I know this from a very reliable source.

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Yeah, I would have loved to see Le Pen win, as she would have most likely been working together with Trump for the past year and a half to make some progress cleaning up Europe by now. But this is certainly better than sitting back doing nothing. When trying to solve political problems, option 1 is to do it by vote, option 2 is by civil disobedience, and option 3 is by violence. France failed the first but appears to be succeeding at the second. Go for it, French patriots!

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Who says they did? Haven't you ever heard of election fraud?

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All he is missing is his bicorne Napoleon hat

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Napoleon was actually a decent guy though.

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Yeah, sure, he's just as popular as Hillary is but she almost won due to election rigging. The main reason Trump even won is because they underestimated him.

They tried to stop him, couldn't, couldn't corrupt him either or get to him or his family, election rigging was halted in specific districts, and then they underestimated the people's desire to vote for him.

If everything was 100% legit, Macron would not be the France's elected leader.

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Hmm I am feeling rumblings of Macron = Louis XVI here at least politically...

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They should be ready to perform a citizens arrest on the agents provocateur that show up to sabotage them. At the very least, spread the word that no violence will be tolerated at all. Anyone doing anything remotely questionable should be descended upon instantly, and removed of their vest.

They are admitting they have no leg to stand on when they try to silence you. They can't compete in the realm of ideas, so they must misrepresent yours, and violate you.

God be with you brave French!

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They are admitting they have no leg to stand on when they try to silence you. They can't compete in the realm of ideas, so they must misrepresent yours, and violate you.

As we just bend over and take it from Big Tech here in the USA

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Government schools at work. Making better slaves since 1890.

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The DS and their subsidiaries like the tech sector have used America against itself. They usurp our laws and take certain areas over (also see the fbi and doj). We as real Americans then have to defeat this but in legal ways. So we have to then use the laws that r in place to unwind this shit.

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Antifa Deep State lunatics creating FF with their violence.

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The System crashes, no coincidence that all this happens at the same time.

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OUR SYSTEM needs to crash hard!!!!! TODAY!!!

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well for one thing the stock market took a dump today. DOW down almost 800 pts

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Ours is fine. Theirs could use a good big crash.

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Don't f*** with the French We will not submit to elites anymore. We want our rights back. Power back to the People. Living and not surviving.

I cant post YT video on here, so best is you look on YT for following video " Gilets Jaunes: Combat Urbain sur la tombe du soldat inconnu. Paris/France - 1er Décembre 2018 " and you will see at 3.30 how much angry we currently are. And no, we're not either extreme right or extreme left, just ordinary people.

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Where's the source so we can spread the link.

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