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https://archive.fo/bY0as :

Joe M on Twitter: "Did Herbert Walker die?… "

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This post absolutely confirms this suspicion. Every dog has his day. May God have mercy on his corrupted soul.

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It is strong language on Q's part. https://twitter.com/StormIsUponUs/status/1067076628050669568 [Joe's retweet of Comey announcing his common dog's death on Nov 14]

Re: GHWB USSS code name re: Timber wolf [Bush SS code name, "timber wolf" which has common ancestry to common dog]

The grey wolf (Canis lupus; also known as timber wolf) shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog.

State funeral next week. [Come dog dead Nov 14; Joe retweet Nov 26; funeral week of Dec 2-8]

Coincidence? [What is the coincidence? the name or timing of funeral?] Q

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Maybe, maybe not. What matters is that it's happened, and what comes next. Moves and counter-moves, political theatre.

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True, we shall see what happens next.

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'Thank God we got that 94 year old off the streets' /s

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If his death was natural, thank God that justice will still be served him at the White Throne judgment.

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The ultimate judgement comes from God alone. We trust that He is very good at his job. In light of this, it truly matters little whether HWB died naturally or was put to death; however, the timing is surely suspect. Coincidence? There are no coincidences...

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I think McCain being executed in secret is one of the sillier things that's been bandied about here. Does it really pass the smell test that McCain's family and all his allies in the Deep State would have nothing to say about it, when they could use it to great advantage in the optics war against Trump? Think about it: A sitting senator, a secret trial, a hidden execution... in the United States of America? C'mon

And if that were how things are being done now, I can't really relish the idea of a wheelchair bound, 94-year old man being put to death either.

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If Bush and McCain were executed, that means military tribunals are already underway. Trump declared a state of emergency on Dec 21, 2017, which means martial law is already underway. You did not find it odd that Cindy McCain and others railed against Trump at McCain's funeral? I bet you hear the same thing again at Bush's funeral, too.

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You can put money on it for sure. They will use it as an opportunity to spew their vile hatred. We expect it, but we will be busy celebrating the fact that one less evil bastard is breathing the same air that we do. GHWB was one of the most evil men on the planet, and he is no more. Every dog has its day.

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Swamp creatures gonna swamp. Just typical Orange Man Bad programming.

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Does it matter who delivers the coupe de grâce? And if so, why? The end result is just the same. In the right set of circumstances someone might just opt for euthanasia, whether passive or active.

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How you reconcile Q's predicting the exact time of McCain's death 30 days prior?

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We only know when the death was announced. Only witnesses could corroborate the actual time of death.

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