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C'mon - he was 94. 94! How many times in 2018 has he been rushed to the hospital? There's nothing uncommon or suspicious about a 94-year old dying without a prolonged illness. In fact, one could make the point that he's had a prolonged decline since two years ago. I'm not a fan of the Bushes any more - especially since I've been following Q and the posts of all you Anons and both Bush 41 and 43 began dissing POTUS. But I'm not going to dance on the man's grave either. That is what those who want to see our country divided and weakened want to see.

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Fair enough. On the other hand, two of the biggest known traitors to our country both died within 6 months of each other. Also they both die during a period of time where there seems to be an offensive WW to take down the cabal and it so happens during what seems to be the 11th hour of this storm, probably was waiting until it was clear one way or another if the cabal would win or lose? He also does within months of his wife. I know couples will die close to each other sometimes but there does seem to be some coincidences here.

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To me the only coincidence is Hannity announcing the explosive release of information on Monday about Huber's investigation and the CF whistleblower and then shortly thereafter, the death of Bush 41 which will put a damper on anything else announced Monday. I don't mean to mock you. You may be on track 100%. I just believe the probability that a 94-yo man who has been on death's doorstep seemingly for years died due to age-related factors. And, you're right about Barbara's death leaving him a grieving widower as well after 73 years of marriage. I know GHWB has been accused of a lot of evil. I don't doubt that he may have been. But he was also our President and that demands some degree of respect and decorum from Patriots who want to see our country return to a nation of civil and respectful citizens. Acting like hyenas over the death of a man who had never been publicly tried for a crime - even one as vile as McStain - plays right into the NWO's plan to dissolve our nation into tribal wars so that the NWO can come in and restore order 'for the good of the world'. I won't be a party to it.

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There will be another very shortly,you going to chicken little that one too?

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I'm with you. He was on the decline but his last wishes (give me the pillow or big opioid dose) could have been to use his passing in an advantageous manner - distraction or delaying tactic. This week is/was bound to cause some major DS discomfort. Then again he maybe had no choice.... There are also rumors he died earlier last month.

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two of the biggest known traitors were fragile geriatrics who were watching their legacy crumble. Natural death isn't surprising at all.

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The only reason I’m not dancing is that I was hoping he would be put on trial with his crimes laid bare for the world to see. But he was an evil man and killed and harmed too many people. May God have mercy on his soul because I don’t have any.

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I was hoping he was going to live another 15 years pissing and shitting on himself, but that didn't pan out.

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Other than being put on trial, it's not too late for his crimes to be laid bare publicly and ** I hope they are**. The shit that Bush 43 has done in (in the footsteps of his father) need to be laid bare publicly. I'm just not going to place any significance on the death of a 94-year old man who has been in poor health beyond age-related death.

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It would have garnered sympathy. Probably better to have him gone so that the hammer can come down on the other criminals in his gang.

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Agreed, but how many times did he become ill and there was a GHWB health watch on all the news until it was reported that he was home out of the woods. And why isn't anyone reporting on what he died of in any of the news reports, but it does talk about his last hospitalization for a blood infection? Sorry, but as a hospice volunteer I know the normal stages of "actively dying" takes about 3 to 5 days.

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Exactly. We would literally hear reports if dude had gotten a cough in the past, then just this now...poof, he's dead

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^^good point - nothing in the news about how he died

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does not mean much — two stories from my immediate family
(1) entered hospice with an estimate of 3 weeks to 2 months; died within six hours.
(2) survived hospice twice, living 11 years and dying during an afternoon nap after a perfectly normal morning breakfast & shower.

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I agree. McCain was different because Q knew date and time of death in advance. Bush was sickly & McCain wasnt. Probably natural death. I did see a prophet on GODlike productions that predicted it though. 2 days ago and said within 48 hours. Thats interesting.

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GHWB died on November 30th. He was the 41st President. 11+30=41

My question is did Barbara Bush die of natural causes - she was always the strong one and with her sordid past......

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Every dog has his day

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Perhaps the DS needed a big event to distract from Comey/Huber etc this next week. Something to draw public attention and disrupt everyone's schedule. Dead president? That would do it.

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My first thought when I read of Bush’s passing, major distraction for what Q has hinted is coming.

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Possibly but he was 94 yrs old and wheel chair bound. Looked like he could’ve gone anytime the last couple of yrs.

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I couldn’t agree more. He was on his way out, he probably didn’t even want to live anymore with his wife dead and him being so old. This would be akin to taking one for the team ... it just seems like perfect timing to distract

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Also, funerals are one of the few ways for them to communicate without their communications being monitored. Q has them scared with his HRC China photo.

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Was he the first suicide? He gave up his will knowing what was coming

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That is my guess as well due to timing.

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NOW we know why planefags on 8chan were picking up lots of helicopters in the Bush Ranch vicinity about a month ago. Tribunal perhaps? (Sorry no sauce other than qresearch 8chan)

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Maybe that's when he really died. Probably waited to drop the news for a more convenient time [distraction]

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That was about 2-3 months ago.

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Executing a 94 year old man seems... inappropriate, even for a traitor just seems harsh and unnecessary. This seems more like the work of the DS to distract imo

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Think about it guys. His death announced today means it's all the news will be talking about next week. Distraction. Straight through the 3rd 4th and 5th. These people really are sick. They will do ANYTHING to hold on to power.

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This was pretty much what I suspected as well.

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Funeral planned for December 5th - the day when everything is supposed to go down. All past presidents will be at the funeral along with many others who will be arrested. Either the cabal will use this opportunity to do something or Q has it planned this way to save/distract those not awake from what is going on.

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Guys Please protect POTUS gov't funeral can be used to expose and hurt POTUS. PRAY & PROTECT DJT! Does POTUS have to leave G20? 12 days of summits Who controls date for nat'l funeral? Who chose D5 for funeral. WWG1WGA

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Or... (spoiler): nothing will happen on Wed.

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It's disgusting, BUT it doesn't stop anything from happening. At the end of the week all the sheep will pick their heads up after the funeral... they'll be looking for their leaders, and they'll be gone.

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He was 94 years old, you stupid cunt... and people have been making the pilgrimage to Houston to say their goodbyes for weeks now. It's not like this came out of left field.

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@TheStormIsUponUs picked on the 26th up that 'Herbert Walker' was dead. He made the connection from a tweet that Comey tweeted on the 14th. Clearly there is more to his death than has been reported.

What exactly, remains to be confirmed. Many of the theories here may prove to be wide of the mark, however, anyone who blindly accepts everything reported at face value is clearly naive.

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So emotional. We know this one's a left. I just know this. I'm sick and tired of there being so many " coincidences " that always seem to help the left right when they need it. Like Q says. At what point does it become mathematically impossible?

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No Name was in his 80's.

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The Hannity story that Trump said to watch reported about the Huber investigation having a 2nd whistleblower (other than the one raided by FBI) that will be talking on Monday...The rerun of Hannity was blocked by special report of Bush death. Fox and Friends had the clips of Hannity interview but mostly Fox reporting on bush death. Coincidence Bush died at that same time? There are no coincidences.

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Was that what the shut up was about?

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Or was the shut up about bringing more attention to it......

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My guess is that he's been dead for some time and stashed on ice. They are just releasing the news now to control the news cycle over the coming week. RE: Huber and the hearings next week.

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Isn't Epstein starting trial this week too? He's got the goods on the pedophilia at the very least.

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I feel the same is happening in the UK with Prince Phllip. They bring out pictures every week or so of him taking a "carriage ride". Probably long gone and they are waiting to do something similar when the SHTF with PA and the Epstein trial, also conveniently, next week.

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I’m not sure. I just know the timing appears not to help us. Q drops last night about This Monday and then all of a sudden press announces bush’s death. Joe M on twitter asked after comey posted about his “very old” dog that died on the 14th .....did Herbert walker die?” Plus Obama supposedly visited bush a few days ago. Maybe visited the body. Taken out by the cabal (14th) to use when SHTF. Whoever was behind the Huber leak may have given cabal notice to drop The announcement of death. My theory. And it sucks. As POTUS says. “It’s a Complicated business.” Moves and countermoves. The only guarantee we have is surprise.

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That's why I never wanna be visited by Obama.

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Didn't Obama visit his grandma right before she died? ;-)

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He died the 14th of old age nothing else. The information has just been delayed and modified to ajust to our narrative (we are winning).

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I'm more concerned about the rescue dog Benji that was killed :<

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Can Q team take advantage of DS at gatherings? Use it to Q's advantage? I hear international inquests re:pedo WW. Arrest them extradite, to face the people. at least eyes on darker, hidden players to see if any more filth is exposed? Is it legal to share Daming evidence between nations for pedo trials? Well, GHWB is now with HIS god.

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He died on the 14th..? Who said that..?

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I didnt notice he died until this post but I didnt watch news yesterday.
Most people seem to die shortly after their long time spouse.

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Comey alluded to it in his tweet.

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Comey tweet on 11/14 (14 reverse is 41). Also last 3 capital letters in that tweet in reverse GHB. GHB wa 41st president.

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Comey tweeted an alleged coded tweet on the 14th. @TheStormIsUponUs made the connection on the 26th.

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Got some sauce for that theory?

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