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Time to hang Odumbass and your husband Mike.

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Notice how all the photos of "Michelle" have her covering up that adam's apple with her hand lately? Book Magazine

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You spelled Michael incorrectly.

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Can't hide that schlong, though!

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Or the lower lumpy dresses. Why did this Not get exposed before? Barry's gay & married to a man! This would have stopped his bid for 44. Fraud?!!!!

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Kek, they got to photoshop that dude to infinity

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funny. I hope so.

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That's 'Big Mike' to you!

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Hopefully soon a lynched Mike

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But, but Obama said he and his administration were the most transparent and scandal-free!

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Yeah, that was hilarious! How many people spit out their coffee when they heard that one?!

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I wonder what the weather is like on the planet he lives on.

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Always opposite of what they say

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Obama is going down!! Kenya feel it!!!!!!!

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=tVy8VFKnblA :

Obama DOJ Official to Plead Guilty in $4.5 Billion Stolen Malaysian Tax Fund Case - YouTube

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Lest we forget, how does it happen? It starts with outliers, crims further away from the center, and then proceeds towards the center.

These are two solid indicators.I mean, we've been wanting to see action for a long time. Let's see what comes after. Patience is now key. If it IS happening, then it's happening. Our emotions don't come into it, so best to be a good electronic soldier, and keep your internal discipline.

"Patriots are in Control"

On the Higgenbotham case:

"In order to conceal the identity of the foreign principal behind the lobbying campaign, Higginbotham admitted to conspiring to make false statements to financial institutions in the United States concerning the source and purpose of the funds. Higginbotham also admitted to working on various fake loan and consulting documents in order to deceive banks and other regulators about the true source and purpose of the money.

The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General and the FBI are investigating the case. Deputy Chief John Keller and Trial Attorneys Ryan Ellersick, James Mann, Sean Mulryne, and Nicole Lockhart of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section, and Deputy Chief Woo Lee and Trial Attorney Joshua Sohn of the Criminal Division’s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section are prosecuting the case."

Justice Dept Release , Nov 30

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'Normally' a Democrat falling on the 'sword' for their leaders just meant a little 'grief'! Wonder how long it is going to take for them to wake up?

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Which news ouylets have picked this up? Any?

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Goldman Sachs involved

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I hope these prosecutions of Hussein's lackeys somehow strengthen the case against him and Killary. Because fuck lackeys, I want the big fish caught. No deals.

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Tip of the iceberg on the ObamaTitanic.

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