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I wish Comey was subject to the same enforcement of laws that General Flynn is.

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"Following the interview" could mean next month, next year, next decade. Not that I'm hoping against declassifying FISA by any means. I still dont think Comey will answer anything of value. He will lie and deflect or say he cant answer. He has been at this game for a long time. "I didnt know that I knew that Huma was married to Weiner."

Either way, his words need to be said under oath and on the record and he can live with them when the hammer drops.

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Does anyone doubt they will have the FISA and Txt full unredacted in hand as they ask questions related to inconsistencies from prior testimony. Comey is trapped. He corroborated the sedition illustrated within or he purgers again. Either way he’s done.

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I don't think so. If Whitaker gives the declass docs to the committees before the testimony, the Dems will have it faxed to Comey ten seconds later and he can craft his narrative accordingly.

Better, in my opinion, to allow Comey to hang himself under oath and then release the FISA docs followed by the IG report, followed by unsealed indictments.

I think Huber's testimony on Dec 5 will be the trigger to bring down the House. Think about it. Those documents need to be delivered to the committees before Dec 14 when the House goes on recess. If it happens after they come back on Jan 8, there won't be enough time before the Dem's take control of the House and all investigations.

The hammer must drop in December or it will become a hundred times harder once congress is back in session under Democrat control.

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yeah. Good point. Hmm, which brings us to senate oversight. . Unlike the house oversight committee the senate does not have to give the minority leaders diddly before testimony. Maybe this will be on Goudy goodlattes plate. Where they can actually do something. The House would only push it to the senate anyway.

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What’s the sentence, a job at MSNBC?

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They would have to either declassify documents OR release a redacted transcript

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This is 100% true. I dont think they have the time for those games though. Not with the new house rolling in.

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"Lordy, I hope there are tapes."

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Reckoning *

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Thanks m8 will change