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If we feel impatient, imagine how the enemy feels knowing any day or any minute can be the time when the marines kick their door in and bring them to a quick military tribunal. That's gotta be a lot of wieght to carry around.

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Traitors ..... Just about the worst kind of person there is.

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Yeah but they deserve that we dont deserve the wait.

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We don’t know when exactly, but it will happen when it’s ready to happen. All you guys on here saying nothing is happening, nothing will happen - why are you even here? It’s happening every single day, right before our eyes - if you have eyes to see.

Yesterday, we got the 53-47 Senate win, just like Q predicted on November 12, 2018. The Clinton Foundation Hearing is set for December 5th. Trump is really laying it on with the treason tweet. The FISA DECLAS is in place, ready and waiting. If you think nothing is happening, you’re not aware of what’s happening. Knowledge is power.

WWG1WGA :) Keep your chins up Patriots!! We got this!!

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^ exactly. One might think they are not patriots at all. That they want the plan to fail. That are operatives planned here to sew discontent. One might think.

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Right on. Exciting times for those not a shill. :-)

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Q said:

  • "We have everything"
  • "Patriots are in control"
  • "Nothing can stop this now"

So, what the fuck are we waiting for? Let's get this shit show on the road! Chop! Chop!

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D5 is when the lights go down in the cinema, and the audio goes to surround sound!!!! For those of you preppers who only have 50 boxes of popcorn, You better head down to Cosco coz this will be the greatest show we will ever see!!!!

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When people start dying in the streets they'll also suddenly realize this isn't a movie... and instead of popcorn, they should be stocking up on ammo.

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patience is a virtue

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You really expect a bunch of kikes to police themselves? Lol...

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I understand that, but the constant build ups and letdowns are difficult for anyone who really cares.

Many of us were bouncing off the walls this morning in anticipation of the press conference in Columbia SC.

It turned out to be a big nothingburger.

(unless it was a way to get MI legally involved in country)

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I never saw this press conference but I did read some news stories it was about military tribunals.

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Yes, of inmates who were blackmailing troops with alleged pedoporn.

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I'd be a little concerned if we here could figure out when certain events may take place. That would mean the bad guys would too. I'm just trusting the plan. BTW. There is A LOT happening.

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You don't want to eat the cake before it is done baking.

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cake batter is delicious.

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Nothing is happening. Nothing will happen.

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This is a blog post from 2012, from David Wilcock. In it he talks about imminent mass arrests of the cabal, military involvement, mass resignations/retirements that were occurring, EAS style messages to calm the populace when the arrests happen, and he calls it 'the Plan'. Say's it's going to happen any day. 2012.

In the comments you can see people complaining that the arrests weren't happening (in 2012), and that it was all BS, and they were going back to reality. 2012.

David Wilcock profited from the mass arrest fantasy in 2012, and he is profiting from it in 2018.

There aren't going to be any mass arrests. This is all a 4chan troll / cult scam that got incredibly lucky.


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Did 4chan profit from Q?

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The only thing that will happen is brainwashed motherfuckers running in here screaming "Trust the Plan" at the top of their lungs while the country disintegrates before their eyes and they are too stupid to see it. That's what's gonna happen.

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You are too stupid...And gay.

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Well, there is 30 fucking years of mountain high piles of evidence of massive crimes by the Clintons. if they still won't arrest them on that, then it hard to fault people on not trusting the "plan" assuming there is even one.

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Hi there Puss in Boots...Still a Shilly Nilly I see.

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Hey there.

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