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I told a friend about the 9 felony indictments for voter fraud in CA. He called BS, so I found a "trusted source" CBS had a short article on their website. He wanted to know why it wasn't on the news and why the article was so short. I told him, "I guess they don't want to talk about it".

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Nice, exactly how it's done!

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Yes, Truth must prevail. I personally find the nature of the genders one of the most crucial to begin with. Men must lead again.

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I test people with a few questions first, then I pounce, like the worlds fastest animal.

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Subtle is the best approach I find. Just matter of fact responses to any social msm parroting. No need to scare anyone away.

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Yeah, I red pill in a matter of fact approach. Nothing out of the blue, all tied together.

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I call out anti White racism when I see it.

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I find asking questions the best method. It makes people curious without being offensive. People usually are more convinced when they find the answers on their own. It does depend on the personality of the person, though. Some people don't mind being spoon fed if they trust the one doing so.

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That's the way Q does it. And yes, it helps restarting brains.

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One couple at a Christmas party on Saturday another couple during a break of our choir practice at church just yesterday. It happens all the time with me and never do I broach the subject first. Normal good people aren't as stupid and ill informed as The Left would hope they are. Justice K's confirmation opened a lot of eyes as to how hateful and violent these people really can be. Many in my church were appalled at how this good man's family was treated by the Dems and their paid protesters.

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Serious question/statement. I find that the Christians I know are the worst in red pilling. Most just stick their fingers in their ears and scream Lalalalalalal. Or say that we are only supposed think about things that are good (you know what scripture I'm talking about). Or I get hammered because I am being "distracted." Because ALL we need to do is preach Jesus..."

I tried to get my BF to understand the magnitude of the fight that we are in. Especially the child trafficking/satanic abuse. She seems to think she understands the scope of the problem because a missionary from another country came and spoke about it. She thinks it's "over there."

My response was that the church was mostly MIA. That we could, collectively, shut this whole mess down if there was a concerted effort with the power of prayer and warfare. That we are not using the power that raised Jesus from the dead that lives in us...if we did we would win right now. That we can't pray against something if we don't know about it.

This whole mess is the church's fault, imho, because we dropped the ball when it started...when "they" took prayer out of school. Been downhill ever since.

Have you run across that and if so, how do you deal with that? Or maybe you have a differing opinion?

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That is too much info for most people so they dismiss it all. Use msm news and highlight the oddities like the Washington Post "journalist" getting the attention of multiple world leaders. Don't answer the questions! Just slowly point out things that make no sense. Don't tie them together... yet. Why is the Pope slowing the child abuse investigation? Why is Lindsey Graham a warrior now when he was a RINO two years ago? Logistics and planning in moving 10K people across Mexico?

Never tell him the answer. "When the student is ready, the teacher will come".

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Redpilliing my parents is going so slowly. I was just told the other day that Q is silly and an "ungodly pursuit" and I should stop reading and thinking about it and focus on taking care of my family. Thing is, I have not backed off of any of my life responsibilities due to checking in here, and I pray MORE these days than I ever have before. Ungodly, indeed!

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It probably helps to live, work and have fellowship in an environment that is known to have more than its share of abuse (child, domestic, and elder) in the first place and doesn't pretend to be anywhere near what most would call the perfect Christian household. The people I'm talking about are patriotic in the extreme, honoring greatly those who served their country and yet have always had a natural distrust of the government which seems strange at first glance, but the Native American population are fiercely loyal to family, clan, community, and nation. Honor is everything to them and to disrespect a good man's family (Justice K's confirmation) and mock them (Elizabeth Warren's cultural appropriation) is something that will stand out in their memory. As a group they have been lied to by the government probably more than any other so it is not much of a stretch to disbelieve the MSM given contrary facts. And as far as Satanism and other black arts go - seriously, you can't even mention the word without being totally ostracized. So, Hollywood and the music industry who love to brag how they have chosen the dark side - they are then immediately dead to these good God fearing folk. I see your point very readily, and empathize as you try to enlighten those around you. Perhaps being humbled and brought to your knees by the evils of alcohol for generations instills a stronger faith and knowledge that The Deceiver is ever ready to take down a proud people who are content in a world of their own making and think they are far from the sufferings of others. We are all connected, we are all children of The Most High. You used the example of prayer in schools being banned. If Satan had his way we would all be tortured and put to death and don't think it hasn't happened before as I know you are aware of early Christian history. How do you deal with those around you who are still sleeping? You become stronger and not with words to others but by connecting with Jesus in silent soul whispers that He cannot ignore. POTUS prays everyday before reviewing the daily briefing at the start of his day. You and I will do the same only with deep unceasing prayer imploring our Lord and Savior to help us in our struggle. Evil almost had us and we are not out of the woods yet, but have faith and we will, by the Grace of God and our fervent prayers, be victorious.

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Christianity is a death cult, with scripture saying not all will be saved. Their responsibility is to make sure everyone has heard their news, not save everyone. They rely on a messiah coming to validate them, so they won't spend energy questioning.

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I went to red pill my boss at work, found out he's already a QAnon follower.

A friend of mine who sat with me and others online watching the 2016 election and voted for Trump is now a hard left TDS blue pilled moron. I can tell the MSM narrative of the day listening to his scripted NPC nonsense.

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Really? I’ve never heard anyone flipping on Trump. They become stronger supporters,

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Yeah I honestly can't figure it out. Either he lied that he voted for Trump or someone else has his "ear" so to speak. Its weird.

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