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I've just added your links and part of the info to the main post of my thread re: Q #2501. (With credit to you)

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Ah thanks patriot.

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These Ops go back a long ways. And Q used [koala]. Taken in the context of the previous lines in the drop.. that suggests [koala] may be a pressure point being squeezed. i.e. Make a public display you are down with the program, or [koala].

Maybe lower level pukes got rolled up while the financiers conveniently got away?

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there is also a Q guy on you tube that uses that exact same koala pic in the videos he posts. and hes australian...? stroppy me is his page. calls himself Stroppy Me

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Koalas are Australian politicians.

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Suddenly "abolish ICE!!!" makes a lot more sense.

I wonder if a child trafficking ring escaped in Portland while the ICE office there was beseiged by NPCs.

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Could it also be linked to this... K ids O nline A dministrative L icensing A pplication https://decalkoala.com/

We all know how sick these people are !

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A 12 year long operation, with 170 arrests. I wonder how many more arrests could be made, if only we had the power to spy on people using mass surveillance resouces, or were not wasting the available resources by spying on political opponents?

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Human trafficking was not a priority for us until Trump came along. Since Trump took office, there have been thousands arrested in the US for trafficking and pornography In 2016 the total number of such arrests was something over 400. Trump has gone after these evil people with a vengeance. Leadership makes a huge difference and we haven't had it since Reagan.

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I hope that all these official operations are left unhampered now by the cabal after Trump took office. Let the investigations flow naturally and organically.

Still a long way to go. Getting this out to the mainstream public is easy with the cucked MSM

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Thanks, helper anon.

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