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You are not alone, brother. I may not know as much as you but feel the same way.

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Amen. Ignore the trolls.

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What way? There’s the real world and the Q world.

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In the way it "pains me to play in this fake world". Getting rid of gadget distractions. Losing friends over stupid politics. Things I liked to do (play in a band) just waning away that I just no longer have any interest in doing.

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I'd say your story is not uncommon here. Those who know cannot sleep. Justice can not come fast enough...

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We had no idea just what Q meant when they first told us.

Now we know exactly what they meant.

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Nothing will ever be ok for me ever again, unless there is justice. I will just never be ok till the truth comes out

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I CAN sleep...FAR TOO MUCH...it is my only true escape.

I'm just so tired of it all now, I don't know how much longer I can take this hell we are living in

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You're not alone, I get it.

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I've been there before. I take my old dog and walk in the woods or I'd end up hibernating again.

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Lmao, I already had trouble sleeping- this rabbit hole making me schitz ha

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Of course this is one reaction. You must feel safe with what you have.

I on the other hand, engage passionately in this rat race these days, not because I believe in it, but because I know the doom that awaits me if the house comes down before I am adequately prepared.

protip: no one is adequately prepared.

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The trick is to downsize and LOWER your expectations. I sold a house in Southern California and made a boatload of money. I used that money to set myself up with a small farm in a very rural area. If you reduce your wants --- it's a lot easier to make it happen. You also have to look at priorities. What is really important? Most of the stuff we think is important isn't.

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Missouri loves patriots. My property tax is under ten bucks a year. Unincorporated towns all over.

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Count yourself as lucky. You may survive. The rest of us must fend as best we can.

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I agree, but rarely think of it as a downsize, since in essence you only trade things you dont need and in many cases, dont even want (city luxuries that aren't luxurious, inconvenient conveniences,etc) for things you do actually need: renewable food and energy, community, loyalty, owned land and a shitload of guns.

Even moderately wealthy people in large cities, living fat and (un)happy on the city, cannot defend themselves and dont own anything of value. I am fixing my credit and intend to purchase farmable land in an American friendly region. If I can just have electricity and network comms, I'll be happy as can be.

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I moved to the mountains

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When you think you're prepared, prepare.

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I get that you are constantly looking for reassurance that everything's going to be alright. It will be. You don't have to continuously watch the pot to see if it's boiling. It's depressing to do this. The sheep part of people is only a part of them. There is a lot of good in people even if they're still asleep. Connect with people who are not into the Great Awakening yet. Take a break from it. Also, the hobbies you were doing before can still be enjoyable. The Alliance doesn't need you to keep a vigil on what they're doing for them to succeed. Trust the plan. Think positive. Good will prevail. The more all of us think positive the more quickly and successful the Great Awakening will happen. Also, pray. This is a very powerful way to assist the White Hats and keep them safe.

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Might I add that if the people you're connecting with aren't ready that's alright as well. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but her sister is waking up.

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Good reply fellow anon, I will take your advice as well. Thank you.

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Relationships can be real. Helping others can help your spirit. Visit a hospital, nursing home, animal shelter, we still need you. Nothing is more real than people or animals in need. Children need attention and patience. The elderly might not be awake in our sense, but they have suffered through enough in life to know what truly matters. I admire your determination, but we are not meant to be islands. We need you. Even most of us who need to work to survive provide some service to our communities. All is not in vane. This trying time also has hope attached to it. I thank the Almighty for our President and the Q team for being so selfless and stepping up to help humanity. Do what is right for you, but you sound like someone most people would be blesseed to know.

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Also, pray. This is a very powerful way to assist the White Hats and keep them safe.

LOL. Obstructing justice is really the most effective way to assist this White House.

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I think you mean "white helmets". i'm all for prayer but expecting the calvary is harmful at this point. its us or its nobody.

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Q has said (paraphrasing) "You elected us to drain the swamp. Sit back and enjoy the show." We can do our part to spread the word, but the White Hats are doing the heavy lifting. BTW: the White Hats are Trump, Q, and company.

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We are addicted to the TRUTH. I think local Alliance groups would help our mental health....give us some practical topics (e.g., preparations) to give us a bit of control within this backdrop of vast EVILNESS that we now find ourselves living within.

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ive tried. all I get is "theres something going on, sure, but you're nuts".

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Everyone is connected at the subconscious level. The hard part is generally trying to bring it into their consciousness without their mind, ego and personality flipping out

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The admission that there is "something going on" is actually a good start. You can rest assured that those people telling you that are not accepting what they see and hear at face value. They will be more accepting once it all goes down, even if they don't go all the way before then.

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Thanks for that. I hear that all the time from my wife.

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I concur.

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You wouldnt know truth if it was snapped off in your ass,you know alot of talking points and social media distractions but you dont know truth.There is but one T R U T H .

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I really need to look more into the alliance. I hear them mentioned often, but I don't exactly know much about them other than they are a group of nations and influential individuals who are openly fighting the cabal.

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corey good cosmic disclosure series at gaia - start with season 1

also his https://spherebeingalliance.com/

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if you no longer go to church you can still pray. After pizzagate I started praying again, it helps me cope with the evil...good luck patriot wwg1wga

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Churches around me don't speak English so I don't attend services, but I do pray daily.

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Yes, my eyes are glued to my screen. I would rather be reading and searching for what could happen next than leave my house. There is no point in being around sheep. Before the midterms I spent as much time possible online trying to help candidates. Now I am still online and hoping the fraudulent elections get overturned. My behavior resembles a junkie.

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Don't get so focused on your screen that you forget to take care of yourself. Fresh air, exercise and time away makes you stronger for the fight.

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Yes, nature is great for resetting your batteries, promoting mental health as this can really drag one down/depress. My dog is a huge help to me because animals are so pure and have no evil in them. Take care, Patriot.

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Thanks. I haven’t gone off the deep end. I guess I am hooked on waiting for results but research as musch as possible.

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I agree, a day on the lake does wonders. Even if I dont catch any fish.

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Careful my friend. Regardless of what is happening now or next, you need perspective and balance. Happiness won't be found at the expense of others - justice or not.

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Me too! I'm a truth addict

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I can relate, but I do force myself to go for walks and lift some iron every day.

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Thats good. I have 2 dogs that are my best frens. I do take care of myself.

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I am Dutch and a 17 y/o male, and people around me luckily arent really into politics, but they are all sheep... Amazing people, but I'm the only one who knows about Q and dont want to talk about this Q stuff because its mainly US still, and dont want being called a 'conspiracy theorist', or sound 'extremist' when I say that 'everything is a lie'.

I just want the natural order of things to return, like family, nations and all that stuff, not a fake & engineered life.

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I feel you friend. I am not from the US, so people are just not so into politics and patriotism, and are mindlessly content with the material needs of the world. I am grateful for Q and these boards which allow a forum for us to debate.

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But you could be the guy that was correct about everything 20 years ago!

I don't mind being THAT person.

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I could say that I knew all along, and wanted to save them from sleepless nights for going too deep in the rabbit hole :)

Also, I dont think they'd believe it because (((they))) have become our most trusted leaders, actors, artists, yoy name it

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