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My family eats 100% organic only. Nongmo is also garbage. Beware, once you go all organic you will have trouble socializing because every place you go where they offer you food you have to explain that you can't accept it because you only eat organic now.

Its Worth it. My family gets sick just once a year versus the average of six times.

Cannabis is the Panacea as well that replaces all pharmaceuticals.

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Unless you grow your own food with heirloom seeds, you aren't likely eating organic. Case in point, I went to every store in town, including "organic" stores like Whole Foods and bought a sweet potato in all of them and tried to spawn it in mason jar of water. Almost every single of them rotted and would not spawn. I managed to get one isolated one to spawn, which I bought from a regular grocery store, but I think that one just escaped the poison farmers are all soaking them in to kill the potato so they wont spawn. When you eat these things you are eating poison strong enough to kill potatoes.

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certified organic food is safer than all alternatives.

Whole foods is owned by bezos, look for alternatives if possible.

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any good sources for heirloom seeds?

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To grow potatoes you need seed potatoes. I now save the smallest potatoes and replant the next year. I'm on the 5th year of growing this way. But like I said earlier, not sure how "clean" my soil is.

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Eat and drink organic only - including organic beer. It's amazing that people don't realize how much round-up is used on ALL of our food/drink

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Farmers markets, Csa, victory gardens

Eat what your great grandparents used to eat. Real food

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Support your local organic farmers!!

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California had a referendum on GMO labeling in a previous election.

In the voting information pamphlet the State sent to everyone there were three sets of explanations on every referendum. There was one written by the "for" side, one by the "against" side, and one by the "neutral" State.

The "against" labeling said it would raise food prices because of the cost of re-printing labels. (Companies change labeling all the time anyway, so that's just BS.)

The "for" labeling side said GMOs hadn't been tested enough and it was uncertain whether they would be harmful after extended consumption.

The "neutral" explanation by the State merely listed both of the above arguments.

The "neutral" explanation by the State didn't list that food plants draw the Roundup weedkiller up into the food. Neither did it mention that GMOs were altered to produce toxic insecticide inside the food.

BUT not even the "for labeling" explanation listed that food plants draw the weedkiller up into the food. And it also did not mention that GMOs were altered to produce insecticide inside the food.

This was blatant CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. The "for labeling" side didn't even put up a fight with their explanation in the voter pamphlet.

And that's election fraud.

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Same happened in WA. The mantra was “we have the right to know.” Wouldn’t even let anyone talk about why GMOs are harmful. Created a splinter group and turned into a total cluster fuck. Millions of dollars donated by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Fined for election fraud for covering up out of state donations. Slap on wrist, measure fails, business as usual.

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At the time, I was on the other side, thinking it was crazy people were protesting modifying crops , thinking it was about insect resistance and such changes that have been selectively modified for generations. I remember thinking it was crazy and being turned off by the whole topic, and not fully doing my own research (I do think I was for the labeling at least, knowing there most be something to it). I think MSM convinced me it was normal and not harmful. In the end I just didn't do my research.

I had no idea plants were being modified to only grow with specific fertilizers, and other such purposes.

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Monsanto = NWO = evil empire

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Mon Satano...One Satan

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= Bayer. Just so people don't forget the rebranding efforts.

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Monsanto WAS American company, based in St. Louis. Bayer is a German company. Both are probably owned/controlled by Rothschild. My thought was it was sold to German co to avoid massive lawsuits in US.

LABEL GMOs was a ploy by (((them))). If we were all fighting that battle, then the obvious (BAN GMOs) is overlooked and not even discussed. Bait and switch.

Non-GMO LABEL is also misleading. The worst (but not only) problem with GMOs is that they are drenched in herbicides (usually Roundup). But GMOs are FAR FROM the only crops drenched in herbicides. All legumes, grains (yes wheat—it aint the gluten, it’s the glyphosate), potatoes, mint. This in addition to GMO corn, soy and canola. WAKE UP. NON GMO DOES NOT HELP YOU.

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yes wheat—it aint the gluten, it’s the glyphosate

But sure makes for a good, new, profitable market

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It sure does. Pple so easily duped. Shelves filled with nonGMO and gluten-free yet drenched in glyphosate.

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IG farben by any name

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Thanks for the Correction. Apologies for getting that 'turned around'.

I'll 'correct' my post if 'voat' will allow it/not sure if 'editing' is time-limited.

I bet the use of 'Monsanto' poison will still be banned in Germany; haven't checked to verify (only the article I mentioned about the euro-ban on monsanto), but I'd guess that's the case.

All the same, don't trust Bayer. Remember This?

"Yes, Bayer Drug Knowingly Infected People with HIV"


"Bayer Admits It Paid "Millions" in HIV Infection Cases -- Just Not in English"


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Good lord, I wasn’t suggesting anyone should trust Bayer. They’re evil too.

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If the plant is not genetically modified, glyphosate will kill it. Glyphosate kills everything. So, if it says non GMO you can bet it doesn't have Glyphosate on it. The producers of organic foods demand a higher price for their products. These producers are inspected for violations. If they do not follow the rules they can not label their products organic and/or non-GMO.

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You are so misled. Non GMO ONLY MEANS THERE ARE NO GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS in the product. Means nothing otherwise. Can have all the pesticides in the world on it and still be non GMO.

Yes, glyphosate kills the plant if not GMO. So they use it as a desiccant right before harvest. No mold or mildew to worry about. Grains, legumes, mints, potatoes.

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So, if it says non GMO you can bet it doesn't have Glyphosate on it.

I’ll take that bet. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_desiccation

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I’ve heard of glyphosphate being used as a preservative. don’t know how true that is.

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Probably part of Agenda 21. Depopulation, sickness, stupidity. Much easier to control the herd. SO sick! Fight patriots!! MAGA

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Goes along with the "Health Plan" idea.

Then the so-called "insurance" companies can decide which medicines and health technologies you can receive, because if you don't have "health insurance" the cost of prescriptions and doctors are way too high. Prices were intentionally driven up by the insurance companies actions so they would have control over you.

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Several years ago we changed how we ate. I now grow my own veggies/some fruits & can it all. We switched to deer, which I also can. Free range chickens & eggs. Did tons of research & realized Monsanto bought up most seed companies under different names. I started saving some of my seeds each year to plant the next year.

Even with all I do, it's not enough. We live in the midwest, most farmers use the super seeds from Monsanto. Their yield has increased over the years, because the seeds are bug/disease resistant, yet they still spray each year.

I do not know how infected our soil is. We have a pond with fish. I'm sure the crops around us run off into our water.

So I know we eat healthier than most, but we can never go back to a time before Monsanto. Even the deer we eat has fed on the corn from Monsanto, sprayed with chemicals.

So GMO free or organic labels are pointless. I now grow mine because it taste better, not sure its pesticide free.

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Yup, I grow too. Pointless with all the chem spray. Every year gets harder.

But, this is why we are supposed to pray over our food. To give thanks and bless it into our bodies. I believe God makes the food healthy.

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Great point..thank you for that reminder.....yes God can bless our hard work to nourish our bodies

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Exodus 23:25 - And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.

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All the fish in Illinois are unsafe to eat again this year due to run off of the pesticides from the farms.

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Why I dont eat from my pond. I try so hard to feed my family as healthy as I can. Then I watch the crop dusting planes fly over and think...we are screwed sigh

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Wow thank you for posting these articles! Why don’t they prosecute Monsanto & take glycosphate off the market? Who does it serve in the face of overwhelming evidence that it causes cancer. It’s stunning how little those with power care!

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They own the EPA.

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We must defend our sovereignty, end the Mueller witch hunt, void the fraudulent election results first!

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Sadly there’s a lot that needs fixing but hopefully it will go quickly once there’s a fisa declass, criminals exposed...

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Patriots are relying on the declass to start the purge. The criminals in our government must be removed from office and punished! Time is short, tempers are flairing!

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