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I did my part. I just emailed my libtard congressman. I doubt he even reads it. I was polite and cordial and told him to basically declass if he got nothing to hide. I implore all readers of this to do the same. Dont let the libs win. Declass brings down the house!

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ya think the people who knowingly and intentionally (libtard congressmen and women) lied about Kavanugh will help out Trump? LMAO.

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This seems to be a serious part of the puzzle. Remember Q stated he has to stand in the light? Might be a call for the Q-army ("fight, fight, fight"), to meme and ultimately demand the fuck out of them!

"Because we are Americans. And our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. We are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America strong again, we will make America safe again, and we will make America great again." DJT

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My thoughts exactly! I choose to do what I can to make any change that’s in the right direction!

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I’m no shill so save all the B.S. but why the hell has this not been released already???? It’s beyond frustrating as Q and several Senators have tangeled this carrot for months now. It’s no wonder people are disgusted. More wait and see which really equates to broken promises. All the “boom - boom - boom” and nothing happens, has Patriots like me very frustrated.

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We need the right people in and the wrong people out. We're close, if not there. FISA declass could in fact, bring down the Democratic house. Whittaker will drop the moab, Dem reps will drop like flies from their recent victory. Why on Earth would Q want to bring down a Republican house?!? They already know, they are about to bring down the house.

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The FISA declassification won't happen until after Mueller releases his findings. If then.

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Me too. We have No idea what causes the booms to be withheld, but its a 4 D chess game and I dont even play...

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This would be a good idea if Congress actually gave a shit what the constituents think.

They're in this for a paycheck.

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They will shit their pants if we all write them, especially the guilty ones.

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When a group of people show up

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no, they dont give a fuck.

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Not a paycheck, a payday -- there's a difference.

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What in God’s name is reality anymore

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That's why we dig... deep.

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I predict the midterms will be declared null and void by mid December because of the massive voter fraud nation wide. I also predict the nations peeing themselves over the release of the unredacted records will expose themselves. I predict also, there will be massive flooding nation wide as the fake msm is shut down for sedition and the deaf, dumb and blind will be forced to hear the truth. As GITMO fills up, the gun barrels cool down, the rats will be scurrying and eating each other. What a great time to be alive. Stay locked and loaded boys and girls, it might get a little bumpy.

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Sorry to say...I predict you're predictions will not come to pass. Let me get this straight though. We can't declass documents because all the pieces to the puzzle have to be in place before releasing some lousy documents that will by and large be ignored by the MSM, the Dims, the DS and a good portion of the public. BUT the midterms will be null and void within just a few weeks? Right...

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Fine your representative here

Would love to FINE her. Better yet, indict her.

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Heh! Ok ya I fixed it. Duh me!

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I contacted my Rep, asked for the Declass. Start the white House petition, I will do my share to circulate it.

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Great idea. I will write letters as well next week.

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