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Then another anon followed up:

NICE contribution!! ty anon.

So, PG&E is (very likely) linked. Makes sense with the substation fuckery, and weird powerlines effects, can how central they are to all this.


"According to the Guardian,

“The initial plan is for the firm Solaren Corp to provide some 200MW of electricity. Solaren, which is based in Manhattan Beach, California, says it will launch a satellite with an array of solar panels around 22,000 miles above the earth’s equator using existing rocket technology, and then convert the power generated into radio-frequency transmissions.”

Solaren’s website states,

“Solaren has engineered zero emission electricity from space that is cost competitive with any terrestrial source of baseload electricity. Solaren will design, develop, integrate, test and certify Space Solar Power (SSP) plants for operations. In the coming decade, Solaren will perform unprecedented components, subsystems and systems testing, both on the ground and in space, to validate all aspects of our SSP Plants. The multi-billion dollar SSP development program culminates with the launch of the Solaren solar power satellites, operational certification of the SSP Ground Receive Station, and start of commercial operations and sales of electricity from our 250 MW SSP Plant.”"

sauce: http://ewao.com/2017/12/16/us-company-to-put-solar-panels-into-space-this-year-premise-for-space-based-solar-weapons/


PG&E Board of Directors

"Mr. Kimmel is Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc. (international investment banking firm) and has held that position since January 2001. Prior to joining Rothschild Inc., Mr. Kimmel was a partner in the international law firm of Latham & Watkins LLP. Mr. Kimmel has been a director of PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company since 2009. He also is the non-executive Chairman of the Board of Endo International plc (global specialty healthcare company). He was formerly a director of Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. (vitamins and nutritional supplements company) (1996-2012)."

That's a LOT of energy getting beamed down. Hmmm.

"US Company to Put Solar Panels into Space This Year, Premise for Space-Based Solar Weapons

It’s no sci-fi plot. Pacific Gas and Electric, a U.S. based company plans to send a set of solar panels into space that will beam clean energy to Earth – and an ability to power millions of homes from the skies above us, but there are other uses for space based solar power which are receiving less publicity.

"Pacific Gas and Electric already serves San Francisco and parts of Northern California. They’ve agreed to purchase a start-up that claims to have the potential to create solar energy in space."


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Forgot to add this link that ties a Rothschild to CA Measure 1A for a bullet train project:

Chris Brooks, Managing Director, based in the Firm’s Industrials Group in London is Barclays’ Head of Global Transport & Logistics. He was co-founder or the transport sector group at Rothschild, growing that business both in Europe and in Asia, becoming Global Co-Head of Transport in 2006. From 2004 to 2006, he was Rothschild’s Head of M&A for Asia. Prior to Rothschild, Chris spent 3 years at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, and before that qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has over 20 years investment banking experience and has been a transport banker since 1995. Chris graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Economics and Accounting and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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Does Nancy Pelosi have something to do with the bullet train project? Her charity?

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Sorry, but no. Every single example of DEW in action bbn us obviously a lens flare... hell, the blue one clearly comes from the bluish light in the dudes hand... his CELLPHONE...

While i do believe they are using DEW, not a single example of the beam itself has been captured. All just lens flares. Besides, weaponized lasers wont be visible spectrum light.

This is not a good example of DEW.

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I think it is NO coincidence that DiFiChiSpy's husband has been seeking a contract to run a "rail system" through the charred area. Now the land can be purchased cheaper. It is difficult to believe some people could be so evil as to purposely set these fires, but I am beginning to believe it.

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If you could go back, would you swallow the red pill again or stick with the blue?

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Watch the water. Here’s some information: Green Global Dictatorship: Regional Governance, UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, and the Wildlands Project; Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Professor of Geography


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Watch the video and get angry patriots.