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"11/11 provided as a strategic marker"

Q dropped that May 13, 2018. I think you are correct......

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Actually I think he dropped it Oct or Nov 2017 the first time.

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Or maybe it's just another meeting between Trump and Putin?

Let's stop setting up big dates after which we need to read endless posts from shills who have 'lost their faith and become disillusioned'

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Fair point. We don’t seem to do well predicting dates. Who would’ve thought Red October meant November 7th and not actually October lol.

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That's actually due to a difference between the gregorian calander and the russian calander. October Revolution started on Nov 7

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In retrospect it all seems so clear, It was right there in black and white, we just failed to make the connection. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Revolution

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Fuckin future proves past strikes again. I too was blindsided by that one, still want to look into it more.

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Well, we don't get to see everything Q is doing.

Because of the Hatch Act, I didn't think anything political that could influence the election would happen in October. My personal interpretation was that it was Red October behind the scenes. If true, then it could be several possibilities. Sessions, Huber, Wray, and Horowitz finish the investigations and the sealed indictments are queued up for a rolling release. Setting the stage for declassifying the FISA documents which is going to create a political firestorm. Setting the stage to shut down Mueller while avoiding a political crisis. Setting the stag for exposing U1 and CF. Remember Mueller and Rosenstein were involved in both and if they are found to be corrupt in those then the Mueller investigation collapses by itself.

Those were just my thoughts on what Red October might mean since the Hatch Act prevented much happening in public 30 days before the election.

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Shut the fuck up and DIG DEEPER.

Take NOTHING at face value.

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Q said it not me.

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It won't be 11 am. The Armistice Ceremony is always held at 11:11 am. The Armistice was signed on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour and the 11th minute. That is when the most important wreaths are laid to honor the dead.

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I think it is q post 34, POTUS will be protected and out of the country that day. Here we go!

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That's what I've been connecting as well. Future proves past moment? If so the next week is going to get exciting (tho it's already been pretty eventful)!

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Great work! I so love the ANONS!



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It is also the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. There is something poetic about a hundred years revenge.

Correction: 1918 is when they killed the czar and his family.

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I was just thinking about 11/11 coming up today and feeling excited about it for some reason. Now things are starting to come together.

God Bless fellow Patriots!

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11.11.1918 11h was not an 'armistice' but was forced on Germany by the allies. It was the precursor to the Rothschild-crafted Treaty of Versailles (1919/1920) which made WW2 inevitable. It was all one plan: economic depression, unbearable 'reparations' on Germany, WW2, holohoax => discredit Nationalism to get the UN accepted, GATT, 'no borders', EU => world government.

The message i see with Q highlighting the 11.11.18 anniversary is: 'This time, you lose.' I sure hope so.

Because WW3 - by destruction/invasion/subversion of Christian/white countries - has already begun. It has to be stopped before it is too late. 'This was probably the last chance to save... ' (DJT). YES.

The 'armistice' of 1918 explicitely names the date to the hour: 11.11.1918 11h. Symbolism hidden in plain sight. - Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

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