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Q571 is key. Posted Jan 21 2018 -- 2 years into P45 Restore the Republic Part 1.

The time-tested rule of thumb is to undo a bad/poor decision/habit takes at least 1/2 the time the bad acts lasted.

That's 4 years if we limit it to Hussein, 14 if we go back to Bush 41.

And look at the Miacle Promises Kept in just 2 years!

After we repeal bogus P terms limits in A22, that will be 12 years for DJT, unless he passes baton to VP Pence or Devin Nunes. That would be very Washingtonian of him.

In any event, the coming from the hills Red Tsunami will signal at least a 16-24 year run of Republicans Restoring the Republic, parts 2 thru 5.

In the meantime, we shield ourselves with the armor of God and fight fight fight.

Great post.


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Love it! I figured within 5 years only because POTUS is such an over-achiever! One promise made was the elimination of the deficit, only way I can see this truly coming to fruition would be the replacement of the Federal Reserve. Thoughts?