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Reference Q 34.


THAT is when the fun begins.

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Agreed.... A lot of people thought this was the opposite of a Q Proof. It is going to turn out they have been holding to a difficult and tight schedule the whole time.

11-03-2018 is going to be Rock'n and Rolling!

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Fun-fact: President Trump Tweeted this a few hours before Q's first post and Q's first post occurred on the same day as the first thousand sealed indictments were registered.

Here's a link to that actual Tweet.

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most excellent

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Wow. Just wow.

Excellent catch - Thank You!

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Everyone ought to go back and read the leftists replies to this tweet. Bahahaha those fools...

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Nervous about midterms we can't let them stop what's happening.... Sex trafficking is losing for once. We must keep winning til it is finished.

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I read that the 50,000 sealed indictments equate to more than 100,000 possible people; however, some of the sealed indictments will remain sealed and be used as a means to get some to cooperate...

$19M is an exorbitant amount of money for Gitmo expansion to house criminals and their legal defense. Reportedly, provisions have been made also for K-12 school for the military families.


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Nice. Patience is key and things moving ahead.


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If you don’t remove all cancer cells from the patient during chemo/radiation treatment the cancer will return

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I agree. This operation needs the precision of a skilled surgeon/doctor to eradicate all the cancerous cells. Let not one remain undetected and unremoved.

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he going to need more then 50,000

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Thousands sealed indictments, military tribunals, martial law - but hold it! Who's still running around like the law will catch up to them in their after-life? HRC and BC. It's ok they will be arrested on their tour! I know it. If not - maybe in our after lives!

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