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I am pretty sure No Name blamed her, instead of himself, for the election loss. Plus Sarah was an early and often Trump supporter and that had to piss off No Name until his execution.

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I don't think he was ever meant to be elected, and he knew it. Just a spoiler to get Soetoro elected.

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I don't think there was ever a good relationship between Sarah Palin and John McCain. Looking back, John McCain choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate seemed like suicide for their campaign. Knowing what we know now, maybe McCain was never supposed to win, so choosing Sarah Palin and blaming her for the loss was a way to satiate John McCain's ego, while sticking to the plan of having Obama elected.

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Let me be blunt; Palin was the ONLY THING that saved No Names miserable campaign. There was Zero Energy for his candidacy until he chose Governor Palin for his running mate.

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He was the designated loser

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No, it was the economy that destroyed his presidential campaign run! Because, the economy, see, economy made him lose... Every time I heard that bullshit reason on MSM I changed the channel. Of course it was choosing Palin. I grew a lot more hate for no name after his death, ironically.

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Friend on the campaign committee for noname at the time told me that noname picked Palin without going through the committee. He said he and the team were sitting in the campaign situation room with a shortlist of potential running mates when the announcement of Palin flashed on the screen. Said friend quit the campaign after that, as, in his words, he said they knew noname was running to lose.

IMHO they threw Sarey under the bus. No one prepared her for the shitshow that was to follow. She's a small town girl with a weird Alaska vibe and wasn't ready for prime time. Because noname did this pick independent of most of his advisors, those advisors and their staff members went out of their way to hurt Palin. From dissing her clothing style to her face and then not helping her, to giving her wrong information about times and dates of appointments. IMHO, knowing noname a little bit from being around his staffers and in small group meetings with him, he is/was a lot like crazy uncle joe (is he still alive and living in Gitmo? singing like the songbird he is? But I digress.) He prolly wanted a little piece of that and she more than likely told him where to shove it, and it wasn't where he wanted.

The McStain family think they are special people and above all of us plebes. Remember, wifey comes from a shit-ton of money. Sarah is just too too too country girl with a smokin' hot bod and an AR-15 collection for Ms McStain's tastes. Total Snotsdale snobs. She walks around AZ like she thinks she's a Queen. I liked his first wife better.

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His wife is the daughter of a mobster too. And that fat chunky daughter what she said about the President at the funeral was unforgivable and it was obvious it wasn't spontaneous but staged. You don't go from one second crying and the next second in complete control and lower your voice ....

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oh yeah. We aren't dealing with a normal family here at all. I still think what another anon said is tantalizing. Is he in Gitmo and singing? That was a closed coffin, and usually when someone lies in state, they have an open coffin. He was out and about a week prior and he didn't look all ravaged. Unless that was a body double.... ooooh the plot thickens. Wonder if we'll ever find out.

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Not ready for prime time like Trump you mean. Imagine if she'd just done it her way and not listened to the beltway pros trying to "help" her? Her speech was electric at the convention. Drew sharp contrast between her as dynamic and a fighter vs. no name. After her speech the MSM came out like gangbusters to savage her. If she'd been a dud Tina Fey would not have gotten the boost to her career that she did. Worse is discovering much later that douchebag Mike Schmidt was torpedoing daily her from inside the campaign with anonymous scoops to the MSM.

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AMEN. I like her. I meant they didn't prep her for the Prime time of the meat grinder that's american political media coverage. They are savage to R's

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Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that! Makes so much sense, including your friend's understanding and insight they were running to lose - plus that he's a perv like creepy joe - puts a lot of pieces into the puzzle for me!

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My thoughts are how jealous Cindy No Name was of the beautiful and wildly popular Sarah Palin. Sarah eclipsed No Name and Mrs. No Name in every way. The campaign treated her terribly.

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I think you had it right the first time

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The main thing I recall about Palin was — Suddenly there was someone shouting out all the things that conservative were starving for... it was like, the leadership was having a hard time figuring out what to say that would excite the voters. Then, Palin just let it all hang out, started taking it to them... without seeming to worry... she started saying things in a way that resonated... I remember the ROAR of approval from the crowds...

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No name said he did not want Trump and Sarah Palin to attend his funeral. Palin has stated that she was not allowed to tell anyone the things she knew about Obama during her bid for VP. She repeated this in her interview on Life Liberty And Levin, Mark Levin’s tv show.

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Honestly, I have never liked or trusted John McCain. The stuff I learned about him disgusted me. Sarah Palin was the ONLY reason I voted for his ticket. I considered voting 3rd party that election...

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Too bad you can’t vote for her and NOT McStain. I have often wondered if he’s in GITMO writing a ‘book’ on the corrupt DC swamp critters, imagine ‘them’ sayin “you can’t prove anything” and then McStain walks in and says-“ No, BUT I CAN”... priceless, then I wake up... hehe

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