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This is frightening and needs to be published widely. We are sunk if these people are elected

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The problem is that not all the spooks are Dem's. One of the candidates in my district was an ex?-spook and he was a R. I spent a good bit of time with him on email and some in person and he seemed sincere but like he was on a mission to understand the Trump base. He kind of cooled off once I told him he I had been researching him and he was in Wikileaks. Told him we have to research all the candidates, but he was very sweet person and took it well. He had no funding to speak of and didn't do well in the primary. In the district next to me, Will Hurd (ex?-spook) has been a representative for a number of years. He is a Republican and better than the D. We had a good opponent run against him in the primary, but she didn't have the money he did. She almost won, though so I am sure she will run again and maybe do better next time.

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The swamp isn’t one sided. Both sides have been infiltrated. Best way to win a war is to control both sides.

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It's worse when they run Republican. Your only choice is the vote Dem. You can't win.

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Vet everyone who files to run a campaign. Local and state NEWS CHANNELS should watch Doggedly EVERY CANDIDATE's background and their TOP minion. Report on whos funding who? Their interests? History? Molestation accusations? NEWS REPORTERS!!! Snoop and Scoop! foot-on+the-ground reporters! If you're station won't run it? If VOAT can have a Confermed WHISTLE BLOWER thread? For CONFERMABLE leads Possibly post on VOAT? MI and Q are able to take note, (Q sent us! post Reddit shit) and possibly clean house. They can inform legal authorities if nessary. We are their (Q+) eyes, Q said SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. WWG1WGA

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Fuck Hurd as soon as he won the mother fucker bashed Trump. That asswipe needs to go.

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Anonymous 10/07/18 (Sun) 12:41:29 4b6d75 (2) No.3382015>>3382028

CIA Agents running for house in your state. Stop them.

This list is alphabetized by state and the district is included.

Funny how 57 CIA agents are running for Congress and Washington post puts out this article:

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/04/14/why-54-may-be-the-magic-number-house-democrats-need-to-win-back-the-majority/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6a46834227d5



CA - DouGlas Applegate 49th Congressional District of California.

CA - Jessica Morse Congress to defend her home district which includes Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and California

CA - Regina Bateson California's 4th District

CA - Omar Siddiqui 48th District Congress CALIFORNIA

CA - Josh Butner California 50th District Congressional

C0 - Jason Crow 6th Congressional District of Colorado

FL - Lauren Baer Congress in Florida's 18th District

FL - Pam Keith Florida's 18th Congressional District

FL - Nancy Soderbert Congress in #FL06 NAME SPELL DIFF

IL - Jonathan Ebel 13th Congressional District of Illinois.

KY - Amy McGrath Congress in Kentucky's 6th

NC - Dan McCready NC 9th District Congress

MD - Jesse Colvin Congress in Maryland’s 1st District McCain follower

MI - Elissa Slotkin Michigan 8th Congressional District

MI - Matthew Morgan Michigan's 1st Congressional District write in

NJ - Tom Malinowski New Jersey's 7th congressional district

NJ - Mikie Sherrill Congressional Candidate for NJ 11th …

NH - Maura Sullivan NH CONGRESS


NY - Jeffrey Beals NY-19 CONGRESS, Proud Bernie supported

NY - Patrick Ryan NY-19 HOUSE

PA - Shelly Chaucey Democrat running for Congress in Pennsylvania's withdrew supporting Ashley Lunkenheimer.

PA - Chrissy Houlahan Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional REGION

PA - Ashley Lunkenheimer. Penn. Supported by Shelly Chaucey CIA

TN - Matt Reel for Congress, Centerville, Tennessee

TX - Edward Meier represent the 32nd Congressional District of Texas

TX - Mary Jennings Hegar Congress in Texas District 31

VA - Alison Friedman Running for Congress in #VA10.

VA - Abigail Spanberger Democratic Nominee for Congress in Virginia's 7th District.

VA - Elaine Luria Congress in Virginia's 2nd Congressional District.

VA - Daniel Helmer VA District 10 - D CONGRESS

WV - Talley Sergent West Virginia's Second Congressional District.

WV - Aaron Sheinberg 2nd Congressional District of West Virginia List updated on QResearch:

WV - Richard Ojeda West Virginia Senate from district 7


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I live in WA, both of our senators voted no yesterday. Both dems. Hum, how dirty are their hands in this overthrow of our Constitution?

Article 4: Section 4 states, All states in this union, governments shall be in REPUBLICAN form....

We proudly uphold The Constitution and Bill of Rights. (Written in English!) NO! To socialistic bullshit. We are stronger together. I don't give a shit what color, race, economic base, or what God you pray to. (That is your business) We, ALL of us are WE THE PEOPLE. WWG1WGA

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It is toooooooooooo late now!!! They changed their party affiliation ran as Rs and they are going to win!

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It's missing Omar Qudrat(R). CA 52nd running against Scott Peters (D).

He's a hardcore carpet bagger. Allegedly raised in Orange County and has been in DC as a lawyer for his career. His campaign says that he worked on the case against the 9/11 terrorists, ignoring how big a team that must be, but you all would have more insight into that. I believe he had some time in the mil, but it doesn't mean much in a marine town since he was just a lawyer. Then he moved to DoD to continue his law career, hence the 9/11 connection. Given connections and career, it makes little to no sense for him to run in a district he has never been to. He only claims to want to come represent his home in SoCal, OC and SD are very different places but whatever. I've heard he's a nice guy, but I am extremely wary of him and his campaign. He put out little effort during the primary election, consistently ranking lowest in the polls despite having the support of the local GOP. Then, he flipped the polls in then primary beating the next closest person by as much as he was previously losing by. However, Peters(D) still took have the districts vote there more than doubling Qudrat. As much as I don't like a Pelosi puppet, I trust a CIA plant even less.

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Abigail Spanburger is in my district. In fact, some woman showed up at our house last week about her. I didn’t engage. Running against Dave Brat, who has been great. Thanks for the tip!

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Brat is great, hope he will not be defeated.

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Did Brat once campaign in Tucson, Arizona?

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I got the list from QResearch today, this morning.


I also found this article which goes into much more detail about who the democrats are putting up. Many of them surprisingly come from military intelligence backgrounds. I would be interested to know who is putting up the monies for these candidates.


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TY for posting here

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Thank you the information. Hopefully more can be outed over time.

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This should be stickied.

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Please remember the words of the late Terry A. Davis: "CIA niggers glow in the dark."

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