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Brilliant post !!!!

It has begun !!!

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Not all "Jews" i.e. Rothschilds, Soros etc are real Jews. Jesus, a true Jew, correctly identified these evil Rothschild/Soros types as those who "call themselves Jews but really belong to the synagogue of Satan." (Rev 2:9) That is why so many of these cabals are Luciferians and making money harvesting children. They are pure evil. But I refuse to condemn Israel any more than I would condemn my beloved America. (It's people who are evil I condemn.) I pray for God to BLESS Israel and trust Him to destroy these false 'Jews' you RIGHTFULLY condemn so much. I pray to God for the peace of Jerusalem and for Him to save the USA. -- Grandma who belongs to the Ultimate Jew ... Jesus (Yashuah) the Messiah.

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There are many good Jewish people out there. I’m sure the good outweighs the bad. Jesus was a Jew and Christianity was formed based off The Jewish bible.

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What I have learned from my own research is....Khazarian mafia , Rothschilds, etc. gave themselves “Jewish” names. They are not the true Jewish people. There are many at the top who are piss poor people...corrupt and controlling...but not all.

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I was just reading a comparison between Zionists (the cabal, the ruling government in Israel) and the Jewish people. As a Christian, I never knew the difference. Short summary: the Jews of Jesus are good and God's chosen people while the Zionists like the Rothschilds have hijacked and twisted our perception of Jews. The use of military force that the State of Israel uses (Zionists) is forbidden by true Jewish teaching. What I do know from studying the Bible is that God has great love for the true Jewish people. Source: http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/jews-against-zionists.html

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I've been learning about the difference between the true Jews who sincerely want to serve and worship God Almighty the Creator of heaven and earth vs the FAKE jews who cause all the trouble. When the 1st temple was destroyed in 587BC and all of Israel exiled to Babylon, that is where the root of today's Rothschilds/Soros cabal comes from. They loved the magic taught by the sorcerers in Babylon and stayed in Babylon after the Jews were allowed to return to Israel by Cyrus. The magic and sorcery (pharmakea) they learned was actually worshiping Baal/Molech. These evil 'jews' assimilated into Cyrus' new Babylon which turned into Persia, the ancient name for Iran. The cabal includes Israeli govt, Mossad, and those that are descendants of those who were dispersed throughout the whole globe. These ones caused trouble, division, and hatred wherever they went, thus making ALL Jews look bad. The cabal now includes gentiles who have bought their lies and support them with money, footwork, academia, media, networking, etc. The cabal are the ones who stirred up the descendants of Esau (Hagar & Abraham's son) to form into today's violent islamic terrorists. This is what they do. They divide and conquer and get rich. They are easily recognized. They make the true Jews all look bad now. (The true Jews sadly rejected Jesus as Messiah because they did not recognize Him since they didn't know their own Scriptures and were taught false teachings by the cabal fake Jews. Jesus said in Rev 2:9 that they "say they are Jews but they really belong to the synagogue of satan." Pretty harsh words from the Ultimate Jew.

The day is coming when God will make things right and He will destroy the cabal and all evil doers. But He will save Israel. Read Zechariah Chap 12, which is short with only 14 verses: Jerusualem will remain a stumbling block to the world and the nations will continually try to destroy her. They did totally destroy Jerusalem in 70 AD as prophecized and the great Diaspora occurred of Jews around the world and then after WW2, they became a nation, again fulfilling prophecy. But when God makes things right, and they see Jesus descend on Mt Olives splitting it in half, they will finally realize what they did in 33AD when they allowed the false "jewish" leaders of the day to stir them all up in anger and crucify and pierce Jesus. They will mourn as never before.

I always thought being a Zionist meant one wanting to bless Israel (as God tells us He will bless those who bless Israel but curse those who curse her.) But if "zionist" actually means the cabal of satanic evil haters of God Almighty, then I will have to reconsider the meaning of that word "zionist". I will seriously study this information. I sincerely thank you for posting so I can do research.

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Hot damn! Same here. Didn’t know the difference either until I trucked down that rabbit hole few years ago.

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Yes, and Vanessa Redgrave tried to redpill people about this very subject at the Oscars one year long ago, and basically got publically keel-hauled.

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There isn't a difference. There aren't any real jews left.

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Totally agree

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Well said!

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Do some research on the 144,000 Jews referenced in Revelation. There ARE /WILL BE 144,000 TRUE Jews that will be saved

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Think Trump was the first victim of fake news? There's 6 MILLION reasons why that's wrong.

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For a very long time I wouldn’t have dreamed of questioning the standard academic version of history re actual events of WW II. But I gotta tell ya, I decided there was a lot of noise going on in the arena of the so-call “... deniers”, and so I thought wtf, I’m gonna just go digging into what the hell all the noise was about. To date I couldn’t point to a single thing that specifically and succinctly disproved anything. But I will say this- there is unquestionably some serious fu#%ery going on with regard to the exact facts of what really happened. I’m not at all a “denier”. Frankly it’s treacherous waters, but it’s so treacherous that it starts to get my attention in and of itself, the “I do believe she doth protest too much” scenario starts to blur the image. The reason I’m even putting this out there is the this post isn’t really saying that the poster absolutely thinks they know what the reality is, only makes the point that what IF everything we think we know could be wrong. I mean it’s practically axiomatic that history has been rewritten extensively and on practically all fronts. So where does that leave us? F if I know, but it leaves me with a lot of questions about pretty much everything. Just sayin.

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I know what you mean. Three years ago I never would have imagined being interested in Hitler speeches, but the more I learn the more curious I get. I knew there were parallels to that time and our own, but after seeing clips like this I'm just left speechless.

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It was an American business venture. Watch "everything is a rich man's trick." Ford / AT&T / Rockefeller all made WW2 possible, not to mention the Red Shields.

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Here in Europe, the EU Commission actually made a law, that it's illegal to questioned holocaust ever happened. Illegal?! It was the moment when I started to doubt. They also added a law, that teaching about Holocaust is mandatory at schools. History teachers said "we were teaching it already, why we need a law for it?" For me, this sounds odd.

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And now he is destroying fake news

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By wielding the people against them. One meme is easily beaten, but many memes is unbeatable.

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Trump said soon they will be with us.....pretty cool! It's going down song 2:03 "THEY CALL ME BLACK DONALD TRUMP" ANYWHERE YOU MEET ME ITS GOING DOWN! POTUS and the gang of Patriots should do a parody of this video Q ! The Cabal is going down! Haha this would go viral I hope I just made this go viral made me laugh IT'S GOING DOWN! LINK BELOW MUST SEE VIDEO ! Q it would be awesome if you repost link! WWG1WGA https://youtu.be/rFz59Jmgewk

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Hitler was slandered globally by the Jew press.

William Randolph Hearst was even a crypto-Jew who got the US involved in WWI when we shouldn't have been there.

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It's the greatest story never told.

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The same bastard that demonized marijuana thats propaganda is just now being dismantled almost 100 years later.

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Everything rests on that 6 million.

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No. You should not accept Jews because they were "victims." You should accept Jews because we are mostly decent people who believe in the same basic morality you do. The only difference is that we believe in living a moral life because God commands it and you believe in living a moral life because Jesus and His Father commands it. Well, people of both religions also believe living a moral life is the right thing because it is the right thing. It is an extremely small number of Jews that are part of the Cabal. It is an extremely small part of the Western Christian world that is part of the cabal. Figure out who the real enemy is. You are only part-way there and you have missed or disregarded important facts.

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Q said it before. This is not a game. This is a war. And we are the last line of defense. Time to start fucking acting like it.

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This is time to thoughtfully and prayfully prepare. I prepare in hopes it’s all for nothing. Anons knowledge of the truth is worth nothing if it can’t be shared so be prepared for the worst and pray for the best.

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We might be last but we're not alone. Preparation is key.

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This is fucking REAL

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Yeah expect many cringe posts from the natives. Blog spam tier "sources" and all the hate they can heap on our movement. They want everyone to see racism front and center so Q can be easily dismissed.

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Yes, we evil people who have been chased to a backwater of the internet want to cause people to dismiss Q. We're all agents of the deepstate, that's why we have to maintain anonymity obsessively to prevent being unpersoned by a leftist hatemob.

Ever consider that we were chased here long before you for speaking the truth, and we're filling in the bits you haven't been allowed to hear yet?

Try listening for a bit instead of assuming you know everything - there aren't many here who weren't already aware of Q, and who don't hope Q turns out to be telling the truth.

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We will never “all agree” on past events or where the future is going. We can all agree on the basics. Freedom from oppressive government no matter where you live. Say everything you believe, someone will learn from it. Ignore but don’t dismiss what is obvious crazyville, rabbit hole is deep.

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This is why you need to go back to reddit. But ask your wifes boyfriend for permission first.

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Give me a damn break! "Hazing" is for fucking children!

"We need hardened Patriots here" Fuck you and your preaching bullshit! I am a damned hardened Patriot! Life kicked my ass! I redpilled my damn self!

We don't need people in this movement like YOU!!

This racist bullshit will make the WHOLE movement look bad!! I don't care what race of people did this to us!! It doesn't damn matter at this point! What matters is they are evil!

This is a WAR between good and evil!

All you goats are doing is playing like a bunch of damn children! Look at me...I have free speech. I can cuss and be racist and call it free speech. Bullshit! No, what you are doing is abusing the term "free speech".

We can all use free speech to say what we want without looking like undignified children!!

I can take whatever anyone throws at me. Doesn't mean I'm going to start making myself look like a damn idiot while making the movement look like we are full of a bunch of idiotic retards that thinks free speech is about calling people names and hazing each other like we are in fucking high school!

Sounds to me like goats need to sit the fuck down and shut up, and take your redpills. You have some waking up to do!!

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Snowflake detected

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Liberal asshole detected.

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Snowflake detected

You're a fool. We don't need your bullshit. Fuck off.

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Sounds to me like goats need to sit the fuck down and shut up, and take your redpills. You have some waking up to do!!

Why did Q send us here, then, so you could tell our hosts to sit down and shut up? Or maybe it's because they already know certain things that we need to be woken up to? You might not like what they say, and neither do I, but before I was redpilled there were a lot of things I didn't like to hear either that I came to find out were true and I was eventually glad that I had heard them. You say you don't care who did this to us because they are evil, but if you don't even know who your enemy is, how do you plan to defeat them?

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I said I don't care what race they are. I do know who my enemy is. Doesn't mean I'm going to make myself or the movement look like we are a bunch of racists. You have some discerning to do if that is what you got out of my statement. I don't care who it is talking to me. I have read several threads on voat. I have seen the bullshit they call free speech. It is ridiculous. So, since they have given us a place of free speech, we are supposed to sit back and take ridicule and not speak up?

I'm here for Q, President Trump, and the good of humanity! This thread just makes the whole movement look like we are full of a bunch of children. I'm sick of seeing the "hazing" and the racist comments. I'm sick of being told we have to sit back and take it. I don't care who the hell you are!

Is this what I'm supposed to say...yes sir, I will sit back and take my spankings. It will toughen me up. Bullshit!!! I'm tough enough, thank you.

These words aren't going to toughen anyone up. It just makes them look stupid! And, it makes the whole movement look bad. MSM is going to have a field day with this shit!

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I don’t take my life marching orders from a man but from God.

I know the enemy of GOD. Do you?

Don’t choke on too many red pills!

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Concern troll is very concerned.

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There is a damn good reason to be concerned. Not just for the movement but for society itself. Especially when goats are trying to twist the meaning of free speech.

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It seems that on VOAT some people circle jerk each other off over their crudity the same way leftists circle jerk themselves over their perceived "privilege". It won't be for everyone. I agree with you, they act like children here, but the message is very important. Do your best to try to put up with the children. If you can't handle it it's not for you.

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Like I said before, I can take it! I'm not a child! Maybe I was being a bit preachy too. But they need to hear it!

I'll put up with what I have to for President Trump, Q, and for the good of humanity!

I agree, they act just like the damn liberals.

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Let's toughen me up then fellas! Call me names, ago ahead! :P

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Nigger faggot

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I wish I had stayed at Voat when I first found it after the death of r\fatpeoplehate. The feel good pc culture of reddit is suffocating and ridiculous.

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Fuck your feelings faggot, the truth is all that matters.

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We don't need no fuckin feelings. Feelings are for pussies. What happened to REAL MEN.?? TURNING INTO PUSSIES while women grow balls. Men wearing pussy hats. I've seen every damn thing. STAND UP. WE NEED REAL MEN

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I'll leave that to others. I don't mind the gutter speak at all but I can't get myself to use it.

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Kike is your “sword” and niggerfaggot is your “shield” here. Won’t force you to say it but its purpose has a bigger meaning and it isn’t specifically about projecting intolerance. It’s about reaffirming to everyone that you care about free speech no matter how offensive the substance may seem. It toughens up users to digest harder truths and helps one sniff out fake news when the shills try to stop the unwanted questions or dialog because it’s deemed “too sensitive”. We don’t have time for that nonsense and neither does Qanon- all about substance.

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Yeah.....it's abrasive. But it's a celebration of free speech and has a purpose.

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Don't forget that "they want us divided". Divisors include not only skin color or culture, but also "white supremacy", "jew bashing", male bashing, toxic feminism, the "war on women", ad nauseum. Far more topics and accusations can divide us than unite us... unity is simple and pure in comparison to the hate that libs ooze out everywhere.

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A few real truths must come into your minds before we can unite. For example, what REALLY started WWII and WWI. Did we know about the impending Pearl Harbor attack, let let it happen anyway (FF, think 9/11). Start the war machine! = $$$$. Are the Zionists controlling everything along with the 13 families ? (Hint yes).

Once you all come around to these new truths, we can unite. Purge the evil from ourselves and our planet.

Our mission is to red pill the masses of sheeple. We have been lied to about everything!!!

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As a half-Jew/white, all I want is a return to 1950-60s demographics. Repatriation but peacefully. No violence, and twice-fold compensation for any property and some money even for those who don't own property. If that means I'm deported, so be it. I just want the madness to end before it gets 100x worse.

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This is correct. Thirteen bloodlines need to be delved into more. I try to tell my husband the Rothschilds sickness for war goes waaaaay back. WW1...WWII.... French Revolutionary war also has significant meaning but I forget, will have to dig it up again.

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A building will NOT fall in it's own footprint UNLESS it is MADE to. TWO buildings falling exactly the same ????? HELL NO.
NO "PLANE " HIT THE PENTAGON. Is Bin Laden REALLY DEAD ??? DID HITLER really commit suicide ??? Think Argentina. Why did we enter Viet Nam??? Think copper.

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amen, brother

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You are correct, now go deeper down the rabbit hole. Talmudic Jews are Luciferian. Of the 12 original tribes, 10 followed Lucifer, 2 remain holy. The house of Judah and Benjamin (I need to verify the house of Benjamin). The battle between good and evil is the key. Lucifer's trophy the Jews. But some remained faithful. We are fighting evil, not people. We must distinguish between them. As Q has said "For God so loved the world...." and "We fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces in dark places..." There is good and evil in every race, every nationality, every culture. We are to fight as warriors of God, not people in general but the evil that controls them. Many are beyond redemption and must be destroyed but we need to rely on God to show us the difference between the "wheat and the chaff". May God grant us great wisdom and discernment to know the difference and great courage to stand firm in the battle.

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there are no good jews

Except me apparently? My mother is ashkenazim, my father was european. I hate the cabal, I want it dead and gone and for the world to prosper and grow in a right and just way, each people being in charge of their own destiny so long as they don't step on the toes of other people. I'm open to the idea that most of the cabal are jewish, but must you say there are NO good jews? That's a ridiculous blanket statement. I bet the VAST majority of jews don't even know wtf is going on, let alone want engage in symbiosis with the cabal. I'm open to new ideas but this just sounds plain old racist.

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Please fuck off.

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Life is messy. Trump and his family walk through the trenches for us 24/7, yes? Q team and our warriors put their lives on the line everyday. Freedom isn't free! Will you join all patriots, regardless of race or religion, in the fight for our Constitution, our country, or will you worry about your own personal comfort?

You can always ignore what you don't want to visit.

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Muh diversity. You're fighting for the enemy, you mindless zombie.

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We need the US to be at least 90% white, 0% Jew.

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Yes, we do. 0% jew, 90% White, and 10% other divided among sportsball entertainers, asian math whizes working for NSA (no Chinese though), and some mexican gardners / waitresses / hotel maids. All non-whites must be sterilized or put on implanted birth control and the populations carefully managed.

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No more than 10% multicultural. Make it 9% to avoid stupid "le 90% face" 4chan memes.

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And where are you going to put them? Extermination camps? Haven't we been down this road already? Can we find a better way this time?

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Put them in their homelands. The biggest mistake America made was not sending all of the Africans back to Africa. I'd bet you can guess where the Mexicans and the Jews could be be repatriated.

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