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Glenn Beck = punchable. by DietCokehead1 in PunchableFaces

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I don't go to clubs, and I've had sex in the last 10 hours.

You are still too pussy to say what you mean, and are changing the subject much like a simpleton child would.

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Glenn Beck = punchable. by DietCokehead1 in PunchableFaces

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You mad cuz u didn't get laid in the club last night mane?

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Glenn Beck = punchable. by DietCokehead1 in PunchableFaces

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Just go ahead and make a direct threat against president elect Clinton if you have any fucking scrotum. Not the sub, you pussy. YOU. DO. IT.

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This Faggot by fuck_communism in PunchableFaces

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Voat is under a system of peer censorship. The core users of the site won't admit it because they exploit it to game the system.

If someone makes a new account and makes the mistake of saying something 1 person doesn't agree with, 1 single downvote is all it takes and your account is locked out and can no longer comment.

This is peer censorship. It means I have to say things that people agree with.

One single user has been brigading my accounts and he's been able to lock my accounts out with one single downvote.I'm not complaining, I'm just citing this as an example.

Read the comments in the thread linked below. Users are advising me to stop saying controversial things, which proves the very point I'm making. Other's seem to believe that if you're an " asshole" that you shouldn't be entitled to the right of free speech. Their justification for censorship only enforces my position on the issue.

Here is a comment I found of a user that has confirmed my claims.

Unfortunately that isn't the only form of censorship I've had to endure either.

Censorship in /Politics

Let me explain the censorship taking place in /Politics. Here is what's going on.

Any post that mentions Jews in a negative light is deleted and the account is banned, even if the posts don't violate any rules.

This is how they justify it.

The mod said he can ban any account he wants simply by claiming it's " Amalek" despite having no proof of that whatsoever. What he's doing is deleting any posts about Jews and listing " Amalek " as the reason.

This is all admitted right here.

After being banned for absolutely nothing I was forced to make another account.

My account was banned again, despite my post receiving over 130+ upvotes, as can be seen here.

What am I posting about Jews? Well it's all factually sourced information as can be seen here.


The user base seems to be under the impression that in order to qualify for the right to free speech that the people have to agree with what you're saying, or that unfriendly people don't deserve a voice.

I don't have to like you people and you people don't have to like me. Free speech applies to everyone regardless of how you feel about them.

Many users were driven here from Reddit due to censorship issues, and yet these very same users are the people who wish to censor me.

Now, out of spite the user base will reject everything contained in this document because they don't like me, which again simply reinforces what I'm saying. Unbiased users will analyze what I'm saying and the vast majority of them will come to the conclusion that Voat is indeed censored.

From now on this document will be my only contributing material to this site. I'll never post anything else, nor will I even reply to users. The only reason I don't abandon this site completely is because I don't back down from conflict.

The more disturbing aspect in all of this is the lack of support I receive from the community in my fight for freedom of speech. I see people regularly complain about censorship, yet when faced with the opportunity to combat it nobody does anything. This is why the West is in decline. People are easily subverted or simply plain lazy. Nobody cares until a problem affects them personally, and by that time it's often too late. You must understand that this isn't simply my battle. This is a battle for FREE SPEECH. The only difference between me and you is that I've felt the tension of the invisible leash.

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