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She ain't getting dicked down right and it is affecting her brain.

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Physically remove her. No excuses. No master race dick for ungrateful gook meat.

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OP is an alt-left insurgent.

He is pushing this fake quote to discredit anyone opposing this piece of shit.

Don't fall for it? She has enough real comments to attack her with.

Don't believe anything without a source - like this lie right here - or you are just playing into their hands.

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I think the same thing but with nigs instead of white people

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The difference there is that that might actually prove effective, in terms of making public transportation a safer place.

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I've only ever once seen a white dude cause an issue on public transit. He was clearly mentally ill.

Black dudes on the other hand...

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What? How the fuck does that help public transportation in even her fucked up mind? White people are the last problem that public transportation has.

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Shouldn't this be in stompable faces ?

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Nominee for "Most Punchable Face of 2018".

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I made an alternate version of this, like the one I made yesterday, but used this one as a base. I also posted it to 'pics', like yesterday. Its pretty terrible, but feel free to pass it around. Again I'm not really against anyone. But with the AJ business today, the hypocrisy is pretty bad.


Yesterday's: https://voat.co/v/news/2661101/13473555

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