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Interesting idea. I wonder if this could have relevance for finding life on other planets; it makes it sound like life should be a common thing to find.

Side note: it looks like this theory was postulated by someone else back in 2009, and Jeremy either came up with it himself later or claimed it as his own. Source


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I like this a lot. Studying biology in university made me appreciate life as a product of this universe, not something out of place that needs a push to exist. Trends exist, like the apparent drive toward complexity. Molecules were driven to form complex cells. Cells were driven to build complex organisms. Even complex organisms are driven to build complex societies. Jeremy England's idea that turning energy into heat fits in perfectly as the reason for why complexity is the driving force, since complexity is just another outlet for energy. Everything moves toward heat death, so all free energy in the universe must go somewhere eventually. Life is a beautiful side-product of this process.