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As long as you're not the type to lie to yourself and have no underlying mental illness I don't think there's much risk at all. If anything they're good for you, there are studies now showing Psilocybin promotes neurogenesis, the growth of new neurons in the brain. You're literally growing your mind.


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But a spokesman for the British governmental organisation Public Health England Health and Wellbeing Directorate says it is unethical to treat an addiction to one drug with another illegal substance...

Treating drug addictions with other substances is proven to be ethical (ex: cigarettes and nicotine patches) - but whether or not those substances are "illegal" is purely up to the government.

To me, the fact that the government won't even consider making these substances legal shows that there is some higher reason to want to keep these substances illegal, apart from the illusion of safety that they keep falling back on. They need to tell us the truth behind why these substances are illegal, since physical safety is clearly not an issue.