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[–] heili 5 points 34 points (+39|-5) ago 

We didn't have an agenda, it was apolitical and everyone could decide how to vote on a post for themselves.

You turned it political when you tried to use it as an army in the shebacle.

The argument has been made that I am hypocritical because I allegedly was against brigading while having a brigading sub, despite having never said I am against brigading.

Then what are you against? If you don't oppose brigading, what's your specific issue with down vote brigading and why doesn't supporting up vote brigading make you a hypocrite?

It's also annoying to see the denial of the current users that the abuse of the downvote button to silence dissent isn't or couldn't be a problem,

The down vote button gives ordinary users the ability to determine that a particular comment, submission or even user is not a positive contribution to the site and express it.

You want to convince me that what you're doing is right instead of just right-intentioned? You can start by not automatically and preemptively labeling people who disagree with you as idiots and 'fucking retards', and by acknowledging that forming a mob to go and upvote one individual is still forming a mob.


[–] Stoic [S] 31 points -21 points (+10|-31) ago  (edited ago)

You turned it political when you tried to use it as an army in the shebacle.

  1. So a doctor treating someone becomes political when he treats a patient that is a politician? Now, he just treats the injuries. the sub upvotes all comments if they have quality and got downvoted for dissenting.

  2. I am against stupidity

  3. you are delusional if you think people don't use the downvote button to silence dissent and stifle debate.

  4. Assuming a utilitarian position and assuming that the promotion of open and intelligent discussion are good things, then supporting those things through upvotes is good. I get that you and many other people are limited to thinking in moral absolutes and know jack-shit about philosophy or ethics, which is why are you morons. I never said I am against brigading and it isn't a mob.


[–] heili 2 points 23 points (+25|-2) ago 

You can't talk to me without calling me both delusional and a moron.

Why should I expend any effort in having a conversation with you?


[–] lasercow 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I have a feeling Voat's memory is going to be slightly longer the reddit's dude.

you are going to be shorthand for the fake ass bitch who stepped in to save the day only to turn around sign up for the same bullshit.

people are trying to break the sub on purpose because they have lost confidence in all of you.....the real worry is that people will stop paying attention and then you and she and yalllsall modclique can get back to whatever fuckdiggery you feel like.

the real concern is that you all will delete things critical of you and for other political reasons. the real concern here is that we already have the same problems that we did on Reddit. terrible mods in secretive political alliances controlling content over broad stretches of the site.

we should make it alot easier to kick mods off and we should make it easier to kick ALL the mods off in extreme need