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I'm quite pleased by the inclusion of Article 1 Section 3, I feel voat's sucess rests upon its realization.


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I'm with you guys all the way. Reddit should stand as an example to all Voaters of what can happen when cancer is left to metastasize unchallenged.


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I like this, and the sentiment behind it. Good job.


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Awesome job, thanks. I think everything that is important to me has been mentioned.

I especially like the sentiment that the users are the true owners of a subverse and the job of the mods is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and not impose their bias.

I think this is especially important for the 'generic name' subs like news, technology, gaming, feminism and so on because those will be the first place users will head too to inform themselves on those subjects. And they should not be treated to the bias of a mod who is there simply because he or she was around when the mod positions were up for grabs.


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I guess r/europe is basically the posterchild for fucked up mods on a (regional) default. Like, they should be ousted so fast and so hard.


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r/Europe is a regular feature on v/MeanwhileOnReddit. The last post was funny:

There's a shitstorm brewing. I'm predicting a lot of deleted "wrong" opinions.

Edit: Aaaand it's nuked. Lasted a whopping hour.

Edit2: No, it's back. Only half the comments are deleted.

Edit3: Now all the comments are back. I told you it's going to be a shitstorm.

Edit4: Down again.. I swear I'm not kidding.


Edit: And I would include Europe in my list of 'generic name' subs.


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I wish there was an overall introduction/explanation of the battle for free speech happening now on voat. It ought to include some history, and definitions for words like: brigade, cabal, straw-man, weaponize, sock puppet, shilling, soft ban ... This is a very important struggle and it would be great if civilians could understand it.

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are lost, because the originators don't make them accessible to the dumb rest of humanity. We're fighting for free speech in a tiny corner of the internet, but it's a microcosm of the greater world of electronic media, and so what happens here is core to learning how modern democracy can function successfully.

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My suggestion is here:


It's very actionable, and objective.

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