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why @kevdude should be any more free from scrutiny.

I don't think I should be. I just don't see where I revealed anything that the Manhood bots weren't screaming all over the site already. I thought the ED article was funny so I posted it, right in the middle of a bunch of Manhood posts with the same name in the title. I PM'd admins and asked if they believe linking to the article was dox. If they think it was I will delete it personally. If they don't then forgive me for not taking the people who attack us no matter what we do seriously. I see very few critical voices in the current drama that weren't defending @eggnogg, @allllie, @mathgrunt, @she, and the rest. Those that I do not recognize I have talked with. I have ignored you guys because none of you gave a shit when it was MH101 "doxxing" (by your def) @nadrewod. The second I put up a link to a popular website saying that it wasn't nadrewod, but the founder of the MH101 company you come for me. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

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