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[–] kevdude 76 points 38 points (+114|-76) ago  (edited ago)

I didn't know linking to an Encyclopedia Dramatica article was doxxing. Manhood101 has been spamming that name all over the site claiming that they are doxing @nadrewod. I notice you didn't seem to give a shit about that. Or are you referring to comments in that thread? Because all I did there was link to an article. Would you say news articles mentioning real people are doxxing? When the press gives out someone's name is that doxxing? Manhood101 is a corporate entity and this guy is evidently its founder. So in that sense is he not public figure as the head of an online entity?

Or is it just that you will concern troll every post I make?

I think that v/ProtectVoat has done some great things



[–] Jefiakra [S] 33 points 57 points (+90|-33) ago 

It has though. You've gotten rid of shitty mods; the only issue here is that you're proving that you are one. Stop trying to play down what you've done.


[–] kevdude 70 points 20 points (+90|-70) ago 

You ignored my entire reply just now.


[–] Jefiakra [S] 29 points 43 points (+72|-29) ago 

It's already been rebutted elsewhere. The line has to be drawn somewhere, and MH101 is a user (well, an anomalous number of users, but still).


[–] kevdude 63 points 9 points (+72|-63) ago  (edited ago)

Manhood101 has been spamming "Charles Paul Gellman" all over the site claiming it is @nadrewod's IRL name. I found an article showing that it is the name of the founder of the corporate entity Manhood101. I linked to the article. I did not agree with people posting personal details on Voat.

Manhood101 is not an individual user. It is a corporate entity spamming Voat.


[–] Jefiakra [S] 28 points 45 points (+73|-28) ago 

It's a single user spamming under multiple accounts, and the fact that he's part of a corporate entity doesn't change that fact. I'm part of a corporate entity, as I'm sure many users on Voat are. I don't shill, but if one of those users did, doxing them would be just as unjustifiable.


[–] kevdude 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

It's a single user spamming under multiple accounts

You know this how? Unlike Amalek MH101 has never engaged in normal conversation with anyone on this board.

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