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@kevdude what made you think this was a good idea to do? What is his personal info being on Voat or linked to going to do? Same goes to the idiot who wants to put out Hecho's personal info. Nothing good comes of this shit.


[–] kevdude 3 points 28 points (+31|-3) ago 

I linked to an Encyclopedia Dramatica article after Manhood had spammed the name "Charles Paul Gellman" everywhere on the site for the past 2 days saying it was @nadrewod's IRL name. I notice that none of these ass clowns gave a fuck when Manhood101 was potentially doxxing a user. After the 60th ping I googled the name and saw ED had written an article on the whole thing. So I linked to it. If it was a grey area then I am willing to admit it was a mistake. You are the first user whose opinion that I give a fuck about who has questioned my call. So I am replying to you because I respect you. Was linking to an ED article dox? Because MH101 is a corporate entity that spams this (and other) sites. This guy is the founder of that company. So where is the line there? We can't question public entities and their founders? I am actually asking. All I did was link to a public page of a well known website.

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