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I think this is a good list and an important work to undertake.

I'd like to support the premise for at bit. On Voat - and in many other communities - there are roughly three types of active users:


His motivation is reaction. Often starved for actual, postive attention, he goes on online boards to mess up its users. For 'lolz'. In real life, this is a coping strategy for individuals with bad social adjustment skills or poor discipline. They'd rather make everyone as miserable as them than try to fit in to the group or heighten their own standards.

Present on Voat in /v/fatpeoplehate, particularly the mods.


Her motivation is, somewhat oddly, approval. She suffers from lack of self-worth, partially driven by the fact that she's not very resourceful or disciplined. She has recently discovered that feminism paved a way for her non-productive being to steal the spotlight from real causes. 50 years ago she would've been the insufferable gossipy housewife with the secretly gay husband, now she has the internet, welfare and gender studies degrees.

She's on Voat to feel worth something. And the easiest way to do that is to try to gain power. She knows, deep down, that she is - in fact - not worth a whole lot, despite being raised on American participation trophies. So she has to quell all voices lest they confirm her fear, verbalizing her inadequacy. That's her only actual motivation - eliminate elements that could take away approval from her. She's the most concerned with votes for this reason.

Found on Voat in /v/Meanwhile, found scattered across the board in sleeper accounts from the first move to Voat, was found in AskVoat, but expelled by the community.


Is here to exchange ideas and thoughts, however good or bad they may be. These people comment and upload links, some to persuade other people to believe what they believe, others to provoke outrage or gain internet points.

Found on Voat: everywhere

The premise is that group 1 and 2 can't be allowed to take over Voat's discourse or machine room. I agree that this proposal by Kev is a good way to keep focus on letting Group 3 actually have a space.


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the insufferable gossipy housewife with the secretly gay husband, now she has the internet, welfare and gender studies degrees.

My sides.


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Present on Voat in /v/fatpeoplehate, particularly the mods.

Awww. You love us <3

What would you categorize /v/protectvoat then as? The retarded? SRS? Wish they were HomerSimpson and company? The amount of times it has fallen for trolls is ridiculous. The amount of witch hunting against users who shouldn't have been witch hunted is retarded. The amount of brigades you guys do is amazing. Some good mind you.

Also. Side note. Mod pls @kevdude?


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You must be so starved for attention in real life. :(


[–] kevdude [S] 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

Merry Christmas. Not going to mod you.

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[–] Scandinavian 2 points 10 points (+12|-2) ago 

You're such a moron. I just got a PM from this person saying HAHAHA I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU THOUGHT I WAS SHE ... like I a) ever speculated about that or b) ever noticed there was a user called "LittleHousewife".

In the future, try harder. It's not a good troll if people don't notice it, FYI. Also, your time is through here. The more people we get, the less room there is for impotent types from FPH and soapdox-whatever-they're-called. Bye SRS.