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Id like to see what @Akto thinks about me deleting this. A non-constructive comment that is unrelated to the summited link, giving away a spoiler to the number one film of 2015. In my opinion and what I would assume to be the opinion of the majority, this was a spam post.

In fact, if you even do a quick Wikipedia search for Spam it says "unsolicited or undesired electronic messages". This post fits that description perfectly.

Edit: This comment clearly violated the "don't be a dingus rule" too.


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Ah ok. Well looking through the rest of the modlog I really don't see a pattern. And you have shown up and taken the time to address the aggrieved user in a manner that is respectful and transparent in terms of your position as moderator Thank you for that..

I am going to go ahead and flair this as "resolved".

Edit: This comment clearly violated the "don't be a dingus rule" too.

Yeah posting Star Wars spoliers on opening day is a fucking dick move to be sure. It really speaks to the character of people like @caddis who defend cancermods and pick fights with mods who don't censor. It just reaffirms my beliefs. If this is who defends mods like @eggnogg and (formerly lol) @alllie, then I am definitely on the right side.

BTW your sidebar rules and modlog are a textbook example of the right attitude for a "public"/system/default sub on Voat (IMO), good on you and yur team. Have a Merry Christmas dude.


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Thank you and I appreciate it. Have a merry holidays too.


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Thanks for the comment about our side bar! We keep it really simple over at /v/funny!

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This comment clearly violated the "don't be a dingus rule" too.

I gotta say thats one well worded rule right there. I remember seeing this way back and having a little laugh.