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I think the main thing that spoiled Star Wars was JJAbrams directing it.

On the topic the post was blatant attempt to spoil the community on something.


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Did you go see it? It was MILES ahead of the prequels. We got to know the characters and the dialogue wasn't always a point counterpoint static snoozefest - the entire prequels felt like people sitting across from each other at a fucking diner. Lightsabers didn't pop out every fucking second. I still have to go see it another couple of times this weekend, but I have to say I didn't hate it. Whether that is because it was good, or because the prequels set the bar so damn low remains to be seen.


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Haven't seen it yet I just think JJAbrams is a pretentious asshole who is overrated. The film still could be decent though so I'll be watching it when I can at home. Speaking of the prequels I watched these not long ago, and compared to what I remember it was a lot better.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfQBdRcgizc search the other titles for the other two sequels.


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Ok @caddis, given that this is you and you usually defend mods for doing EXACTLY what you are in here bitching about, please understand that I am taking this with a huge grain of salt and I have flaired it as a potential troll based on the fact that it is coming from you.

That being said, the source of a complaint does not affect whether or not it turns out to be legitimate. I will ping the mod.

@CatManDew care to comment?


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Id like to see what @Akto thinks about me deleting this. A non-constructive comment that is unrelated to the summited link, giving away a spoiler to the number one film of 2015. In my opinion and what I would assume to be the opinion of the majority, this was a spam post.

In fact, if you even do a quick Wikipedia search for Spam it says "unsolicited or undesired electronic messages". This post fits that description perfectly.

Edit: This comment clearly violated the "don't be a dingus rule" too.


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Ah ok. Well looking through the rest of the modlog I really don't see a pattern. And you have shown up and taken the time to address the aggrieved user in a manner that is respectful and transparent in terms of your position as moderator Thank you for that..

I am going to go ahead and flair this as "resolved".

Edit: This comment clearly violated the "don't be a dingus rule" too.

Yeah posting Star Wars spoliers on opening day is a fucking dick move to be sure. It really speaks to the character of people like @caddis who defend cancermods and pick fights with mods who don't censor. It just reaffirms my beliefs. If this is who defends mods like @eggnogg and (formerly lol) @alllie, then I am definitely on the right side.

BTW your sidebar rules and modlog are a textbook example of the right attitude for a "public"/system/default sub on Voat (IMO), good on you and yur team. Have a Merry Christmas dude.


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This comment clearly violated the "don't be a dingus rule" too.

I gotta say thats one well worded rule right there. I remember seeing this way back and having a little laugh.


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Personally I would consider off topic spoilers in random threads to be spam.

In /v/videos we include 'irrelevant posts' in the definition of spam. Those spoilers are maliciously motivated, and comparable to manhood in that they are inappropriately pushing an agenda that people do not want in their conversations.

I see no problem. But that's just my opinion.