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And you guys are using sock puppets and alts to brigade, along with making accusations with ZERO proof.

For the people reading this thread, I_shill_you_not was posting off topic crap in my voats to test to see what hours of the day my voats are monitored for spam and off-topic.

What bothers them a lot is there is no schedule, so they can't spam their "Joos control the world" crap because it'll get deleted anytime of the day or night and they are frustrated they can't find a window where they aren't monitored....

At the end of the day, this is nothing more then a handful of people from Protectvoat, niggers and fatpeoplehate using sock puppets and alts to make like there is a much larger movement of people who are somehow protecting voat from spammers and "Shills" waving the flag of free speech when it's nothing more then them trying to hijack voats with their bullshit rants about jews and gubmint conspiracies and a strong desire to be overlords over voat by attacking mods for doing their job,

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Here you go, Compliments of Richard_Dawkins.

But then again, you're intentions never were about "Free speech", it's about baiting for PV so you can go on your brigade. which is why you never use the alternative.despite it being available to use and my showing it to you.

PV isn't about protecting vote from shills and spammers, it's a meeting place for people who want to hijack hijack subverses and recruit as many useful idiots to help you do it.

Suck it up cupcake, you're exposed and all the sock puppets and alt account peacock tail waving ain't going to change the fact that you are a tiny minority of idiots who pretend to be bigger then you are.