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I think he actually believes his own bullshit, but is totally unaware of his own hypocrisy. Example, he makes pretty decent video lessons on assertiveness, but if you choose to challenge him in the comments, he'll call you a coward and then run away from the argument. "Debate me on webcam where my self-esteem team can be there to bash you while I figure out a way to shift the goal post after you hit me with a solid point you cowardly faggot MRA."

He argues no differently from your typical SJW. He knows he's fucked if he engages you in an intellectually honest debate via words written on a screen cause he doesn't have the same level of control over the flow of dialogue there like he would in a webcam "debate". Ever notice how the moderator is incredibly lazy most of the time except when the person the "professor" is debating starts to make their argument? They steamroll the opponent just as soon as they start to form a coherent thought and then the professor makes the whole fucking debate an argument over semantics right up until the other person rage quits out of frustration. What a bitch move. What a cunt. What a bitch cunt he is.

He's exactly the kind of person who will flee in terror if you confront him in public.

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