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Where is your friend with the evidence? If you are for real I don't want to keep playing whack a mole. And if you are not I don't want an innocent party being accused.


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Sorry for the delay, I'm ridiculously hungover and wasn't really in a voat mood.

At any rate. Here's some links:

THIS is where I shared a private message from Georgi in which he literally admits they're gaming the system for SEO purposes. I realize that this doesn't technically constitute proof but I can do a screen shot if you really want.

You'll also notice a little further down that particular thread I shared PMs from both of them asking me to join them and telling me I could make money doing what they're doing. Again, I can screenshot if you'd like, I'm just kinda lazy that way.

THIS is the first time I reported them. Again, not a lot of proof of anything as they pretty much deleted every comment they made (and there were some fucking doozies).

ANd probably the best summary of their antics can be seen HERE as presented by @flussence

Additionally, I believe they have a third sockpuppet in @juanita who showed up and randomly started interceding when @harry_areola and I were arguing with Georgi. This I don't really have any way of proving, but it's pretty fucking suspect.

Now, I will state several things for the record.

  1. I have in fact engaged with Georgi in a very over the top, foul and exagerated manner. I make no denial of this, but when dealing with a professional spammer, I don't think manners really come into play. Also, I can screenshot a great many PMs from both of them that surpass the level of "foul" and actually include threats of physical violence. I've reported these repeated threats by Georgi to @Atko and @PuttItOut without any response from either.

  2. He's probably gonna pop up here and reference the fact that I made fun of his mother being dead. While reading that, please note that now it's Ivancho that's claiming to be the one with the dead mother. I realize it's possible for 2 people to have similar situations, but let's be real here. The entire dead mother thing came up when @the_penis_wizard sent him some copy pasta way back when this whole drama started in FPH, before I was even aware of these two spammers. Since then, he's waved the "my dead mother" flag at every oppourtunity. LIke the dozen or so proffessions he's claimed, it's bullshit. And even if his mother really is dead, I could care less. This is about spamming, not his fee fees.

  3. They have not violated the TOS. I can't deny it. They've stayed within the self promotion guidelines, But the posts they share that aren't for their SEO site are shitposts that are posted over multiple subs. They've outright admitted in the first link I shared, that they're intentionally gaming the system. They haven't broken the rules, but they're certainly stomping all over the spirit of the rules.

  4. Finally, read their submission and comment history. You would literally have to be retarded to not see what they're doing.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: A typo.


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Here. I'll help.

Spam subs.

There is a lot more about his alternate account, which also replied to you. It's more active.


Here is some on his alternate while I look for more on OP:


This counts as two-10 probably. Sorry, it's pretty much links inside of links. The bottom two are all spam and combined examples of it


There is also both of them trying to report people many times for commenting back to them. They delete replies and try to make it look like they are being attacked. It's pretty desperate.

He also loves to file false reports against people who call him out and generally try to lead weird slander campaigns, all while defending his spamming. It's strange.




P.S. He added me to the post because he got banned from FPH after his alternate mass posted on it and I am one of the people who reported him on there. All of his accounts are banned. And he should try to remember where he has posted before. Kinda hard to attack me with something he did himself, eh?

Edit: He has since spammed more subs with identical posts:


And he has resorted to posting in subs he runs on his alt and set the downvoat requirement to 10,000 so that he won't lost his spamming abilities.

He also pings people and then accuses them of following him.

And here is a screenshot off of his own "totally not an SEO" site.

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