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Atko looked like a total cuck in this post, where it was exposed how a little group of his trusted buddies had been acting (presumably) behind his back and he just stood there, watching, like cucks do when a stud fucks their wives.

His little creation is slowly being taken over by a band of rogue nerds with too much time in their hands and he hasn't made any worthy statements on the subject. It's such a cop out and a tremendous display of weakness when he says he doesn't have time and he's doing this "for free."

I understand, though, Voat has over 20 developers, including putt, and they all seem to be on the same side of this issue. Even if Atko thinks they're wrong, I doubt he would risk upsetting them and losing their support. He'd probably rather bow his head and pretend this little episode never happened.


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This is one of the reasons I made this thread. It's time to find out where we stand.


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Can you say honeypot?

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I fucking hate coontowners and I liberally use the word cuck. You know why? Because a cuckold is what most of the white knights are. They do this shit because they want pussy that they're never going to get. M'lady indeed.


[–] ArchangelleShe 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I'm glad you managed to get that off your chest. That said, I'm not a coontowner, and I agree they overuse the term on anyone remotely liberal. However, cuckold is a great insult, especially in the current political environment full of manginas, SJWs, white knights and males who identify as feminists (cringe).

In this case, if the info in the thread I linked to is true, the cuck analogy fits perfectly. What I see is a case of cheating, breach of trust, public exposure, resignation, acceptance and doormatism.

His comment wasn't the most upvoted as it usually is. He didn't have an answer to the allegations and he sidestepped the issue. I even felt bad for the guy. I used to respect his leadership up until that point.


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You can't go more than two threads on /pol/ and /b/ without running across cuck this or cuck that.