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Trust me, even the smallest illusion of power can be very alluring.


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Petty tyrants more than anyone love having power over others. SJWs tend to have an extremely authoritarian bent like /r/StormfrontOrSJW is a game you can play where you take a statement a SJW makes about men/cis/whites and substitute Jews and then you can't tell they're not 1930s Nazis. That level of authoritarian.

And they're obviously correct and people shouldn't say those things that offend them, so nobody should ever be able to say them ever.

Moderation is a means to silence dissent.


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Well, I do get paid, but that's not the only reason. I'm a power-hungry, entitled bitch with delusions of grandeur. Controlling a community of millions is very satisfying to me, especially since my man can't satisfy me. Then there's the bit about pushing my political correct views on everyone else and banning everyone who disagrees. She who controls AskVoat controls the tone of the entire site. And that's me! :D

Tl;dr: I get paid. I want power. I want to push my agenda.


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Seriously, stop beating the dead horse already. This is just becoming pathetic.

Edit: Downvoats, you know.. this really doesn't reflect good on this sub. You just proved a lot of people right when you downvoat one of your own for calling out a shit joke that's gone too far.


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It's not a dead horse. It's the 3 reasons why anyone would cling to power so hard.

Has everyone forgotten about Saydrah. She was one of the first mods of AskReddit and she turned out to be a paid shill social marketing whore. She's a role model and a mentor to me. I'm literally her at this point.

Folks who won't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Edit: don't downvoat the parent comment. This comment needs to be seen as it answers OP's question about whether they get paid and use it to further their careers. Most voaters don't know shit about the history of reddit and they keep repeating the same mistakes one by one like clockwork. '@she is a textbook Saydrah.


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You ask the right question bloopton.

Imagine there's a conversation going on, at a party.

Now imagine you're an idiot with no hobbies, no social skills, nothing interesting to say and no insight into what is being discussed - it confuses you, you know little about it and some of the words that are being said make you wonder if they have just made them up.

You have two choices - be quiet and try and leave the party, or change the rules and make the conversation about something abstract and meta - but the problem is, people ignore you.

So you shout out "let's play a game! everyone who doesn't hold their glasses in the hand I say get's a giant dick drawn on their forehead with marker" - people look around uncomfortably at you, because you're a raving fucking looney, desperate for attention yet with nothing to offer.

Social impetus and indifference, people humor the moron, and start holding their drinks in their left hand, and go back to their conversation, feeling defeated, the moron now adds another rule to the list, until there are ten bullet point list of rules, and starts snapping at people not following them.

People get irritated that their conversations are being interrupted and start to walk out of the party, and the raving looney screams after them "YOUR BANNED ANYWAY".

That's why people want to become mods, because you get to write a bullet list of ten rules, try and enforce them on a flow of traffic that you're not responsible for garnering really, while people leave, more people are arriving at the party, so you get to act as much of a dick as you like - and some of those idiots are like you, so they cheerlead what you are doing, until word gets around and people stop showing up at the party - then you call your party a circlejerk, then go out to other parties and come back and giggle at things you heard and try and get random strangers on the street to shout at people at other parties.

That's the SJW part that often goes with some of the more manic mods, but that's optional.

TL;DR people with nothing to say, who want to feel a part of the process, or need to be in control, strive to become "mods". It's that little bit of power that gives them so much, because they have nothing to say.


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They are just being SJW's and don't realize it.

The whole thing is hilarious, objectively.


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Being a mod is a bit like being a politican. First you gain peoples trust with promises and then, when you're in power, you say a big "Fuck You!" to everyone who gave you that power in the first place.


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They want the power to censor people. It's as simple as that.


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Information is the platform upon which power is established.

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