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OP was spamming Manhood101. That submission had been posted several times before, but with MH101 on it, hence being deleted as spam. This particular version of the submission has the Manhood101 text removed. It's definitely spam, and OP is just sore.

Check the modlog, it backs it up.


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I already explained to you and that other idiot that I saw the post, clicked on it. It was deleted. So I reposted it without the MH101 crap on it and it was still deleted which means you 2 fags are just SJWs white knighting for women.

Great so this is guilty until proven innocent. I feel like I'm in SJW kangaroo court.

Has it every occurred to you fucking idiots that I already have a regular account and am using this account because it's a controversial opinion but I still want to explore it? Oh but wait there might be SJW mods with their heads up their assholes that might not want this to even be heard... Nah this is voat, we're more progressive than that.

Nope looks like the same old story. SJWs making excuses to cover their asses for their censorship.


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Your account is 28 minutes old. The submission you copied was done by the Manhood101 spammer, who frequently created new accounts to post with. The only thing you posted was that post, and then this. Why should you make an account just to replicate that? This behaviour, including accusing people who criticise you of being SJWs and White Knights, is very consistent with that spammer's established behaviour. On the other hand, you are 28 minutes old and have no posts to substantiate the idea that you're not him. Additionally, those were posted by two separate accounts as well, and yet clearly the same person; @figara and @gerplaunkamo. The former is barely older than you. Most evidence suggest you are the spammer, and there's none to say otherwise.


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