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The mods cannot be required to remove content people dislike unless it breaks the sub rules or is illegal.

The only sub-specific rule is no upvote farming. If people are breaking that rule, and the mods do nothing, then mod removal may be warranted.

If people are not breaking Voat's rules, and not breaking the sub's rules, then u/PuttItOut has no business getting involved except to voice his personal opinion. "People are complaining" is not a valid justification for action.

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Upvoat farming in an anon sub??

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Individual comments could be voted to the top.


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Who's complaining about qrv? It is an clusterfuck of idiots trying to out-retard each other, but that is because those are the types of people who post there. The last time I had it unblocked (a month ago for about 2 weeks) I didn't see anything that made me think "wow, where the fuck are the mods".

I wonder why putt would bother with them when most anon subs on this site do not have active users as mods or owners and they do just fine.

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This is based on anonymous screenshots, so like u/TheBuddha points out, it's probably fake.

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I have never noticed Putt to say "loose" instead of "lose." The only people I see doing that have shitty vocabulary.

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That'd be my guess. It's trivial to make that, even for me.

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I don't know what they'd have to gain by faking something like that

[–] TheBuddha 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

My guess is the image is faked.

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A fake screenshot?!

It's quite possible. Puttputt could clear that up pretty quickly.

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so ping putt in here and find out.

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Save as full page and then just use a text editor. Take screenshot when done.

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