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I am pretty sure, and it's easy to spot, that he is related to Ghostskin.

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Agreed - other alts are 99887766 and TheAmerican

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Yep. He has more than that, too. It's interesting to watch him go from LARP to giving up on it and shitposting everywhere about Surround Sound and some other weird shit. That's why the community dislikes him, he ends up shitposting in non-shitposting subs and is considered to be a forum slider or whatever.

I like him, I don't think he his harmful (but I've said this before about other users). It is super interesting the shit he can say and get goats to say while he is still in the LARP, some very interesting things to say the least, especially in a sociological viewpoint.

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Blah, blah, blah

Account is too new, posts too much, ...,

Yada yada, yada

I am here almost constantly because I have no life while on assignment. I have interacted with @niggervirus and have no problem. Sometimes his posts are shitposts sometimse sincere.

Quit reading the stupid bio and get down from your high horse. People have been saying the same thing about me since I came here and it is a bunch of bullshit.

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Well isn't this a productive comment ;)?