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Bloody hell.

Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb here, @Fullmetal, and assume for the moment that you are the original owner of your account(ie, account has not been sold and bought). Here's a few tips:

Word your submission rules carefully and don't go overboard in terms of dictating what is and isn't acceptable. Obviously the sub you now have ownership of, has a specific theme/topic and it's natural that submissions should stick to said topic.

However, you need to understand(if you're somehow not already aware) the many people on Voat will have a problem with Wicca and many won't be happy with its presence. You will be hazed on account of this and per general Voat protocol. Technically, many of these posts will be 'on-topic', shit-eating though they may be.

If you react in a way that comes across as censoring dissenting opinions, the treatment will only get worse. If you want more leniency in terms of removing submissions which are deliberately inflammatory, your best options are to disable anon posting and make the subverse private.

Never touch comments that don't break the sitewide rules. Which is to say, if it isn't spam, doxxing or otherwise illegal content, your best move is to engage with a counter argument and/or downvote and/or ignore. Let people have their say.

Yes, you are going to get people accusing you of worshiping Satan. It's garbage, yes, but removing comments because they're garbage, will be seen as censoring dissenting opinions. Just don't do it, for your own sake and for the sake of the sub's longevity.

If you show that you can take criticism and ignorance in good stride, those who are just hazing you will eventually leave you alone.

Heed this tip especially.

Ignore this prick: |

He is an alt-reliant, subversive manipulator and spammer who is just trying to get in your good books.

See this thread by @kevdude for more:

Edit: Grammar; it's presence fixed to its presence

Edit 2: Spelling; worshipping fixed to worshiping


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Yes, I'm the original owner of my account. I lurked for a long time.

From what I've seen so far, Voat is actually being rather welcoming to /v/wiccan.


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You dissapoint me, I'm not some one who you want to do that with. I had faith in you and you let me down. I have no other action but to take you down.

@empress tell me not to if needed


[–] andrew_jackson ago 

Naw, don't bother helping the witch. Burn with fire!