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If you are unaware, the user being discussed in this post has been making about a dozen new accounts each day for the past several days for the purposes of spamming. He does not just spam the same stupid mantras over and over again, such as "Orange man good" or "Red team good", but also spams links to a few youtube videos. There is one video he links to more than any other though, as you will see below:

He links to this video a lot:

He also likes spamming the video found in these comments:

With the account @TrumpNPC021, he spammed this particular video in 5 out of the only 10 comments he made before ditching the account and making a new one:

This particular link is the most common. I have reported his comments containing this link dozens of times within only the past 24hours:

With this newly made account, @BoomerCuckNPC, he spammed this same video in 6 out of the 10 comments he made, in less than 15minutes, before abandoning the account to make a new one:

Please review this case. Thank you for your attention.


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Der judenshills sind wachsen verzweifelt.


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oy vey!