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Niggers. They're niggers. The fact that you won't say that word is hilarious

Ok, its "nigger." Happy? 19 years old are what they are. You have promise, because you have intellect, what you do with that intellect will be up to you. So far, mmmmm....i'm not impressed. Watch those videos. This is a STEEP learnin curve.

I wish I had the internet when I was 19 years old like you do. If I had your intellect, at 19 years old, and the ability to access the internet, I could have been a genius. When I was in college we didn't even have cell phones. NO CELL PHONES WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE.

That is how old I am. Make the most of what you have. Watch the videos I gave you. They will change your perspective and make you the BIG DOG BRAIN you think you already are.

Good luck young buck :)


[–] kevdude 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Dude. Everyone was accusing you of using alts. I thought it was circumstantial at best. Then I see this. Holy shit dude. So basically we can assume everyone in this thread supporting you is you. @PuttItOut can check the accounts and see if there is a consistent history of upvoting between them. You just lost all credibility with me. Peace.


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My internet shit at the houseboat is complicated. I have to use a Yagi antenna mounted on a sixty foot pole and shoot it four miles to a router at my office which is about six miles from my house. I have a desktop at my house, a desktop at the office, a laptop in the motor home, and also a phone. My passwords are cryptic and look similar to this >>> X1z6j0rV6e5

I'm too old to remember that shit and I have a lot of passwords. I created rarepeeks a while back at the houseboat because I couldn't remember the password to ESOTERICshade. I always have to copy and paste passwords because ain't no way I can remember them.

I need to write the ESOTERICshade password down on a piece of paper and tape it to the wall in the houseboat because if I forget the laptop, and it happens, I can't log in as ESOTERICshade because I can't remember the password.

I also supply wifi to 11 rent houses I own. My life is password hell. I shall strive to do better.