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[–] ESOTERICshade 5 points -1 points (+4|-5) ago  (edited ago)

"I'm willing to making an unfair game to show you how right I am. Ready?" Kek. You're losing with words, so you need to go after my submissions.

How about this, faggot. Let's go back in time and not have me step in and defend this place, and let's see how >many PG posts there are. How about that game? Wanna play?

Don't move the goal posts. You have the ban hammer. You can ban me, for my thoughts, anytime you get ready.

All I said was, "i'm willing to put up my submissions to pizzagagate in comparison to yours. Lets SEE who has contributed content. What the quality of the content is."

I'm ready. Are you? If the answer is "no" then just say "i don't contribute submissions to pizzagate" and we can forget it. We both know that you don't understand pizzagate worth a shit to begin with and that you just squat on the ownership of it. Considering that, I still suggest that you give ownership of the sub to @kevdude because he actually DOES understand pizzagate and he is vastly more capable than you are to run it. Just a suggestion.


[–] kevdude 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

If it was given to me I would just give it back to @crensch. You don't want someone who understands this place being in charge. Look at MF. They think they know best and start moderating according to their own standards rather than strictly observing the rules.

Why do you insist on pinging me into these convos? This place is like fucking quicksand. I helped with the rules. I served my time. And he is right. If it wasn't for @crensch this place would have been destroyed. Look at v/thepedes. The way the rules were, the way the mods were acting, the site was getting ready to chase you all off.

Please stop dragging me into this shit.


[–] ESOTERICshade 8 points -4 points (+4|-8) ago 

Please stop dragging me into this shit.

Sorry bro. You are just the smartest and most pragmatic person that comes to mind at the moment. I tried to throw it at ya because I know you care about Voat. My bad negro. I shall strive to do better :)

I didn't start this thread. I'm getting ready to eat some fish. I don't know why @crensch saw fit to try to start a shit storm but it won't even form a cloud base, much less become a storm.

v/pizzagate is actually dong pretty good under @vindicator leadership. He does a pretty good job. We spar about the efficacy of Q once in a while but I consider that healthy. @vindicator is actually a pretty good dude. @think- is an awesome mod.

I think we could probably put the brain of @EricKaliberHall in a thimble but I am just one man's opinion. I have a feeling @vindicator just put the brakes on his bad behavior though, because suddenly, he stopped his abusive craziness and the bullshit ceased.

Pretty sure @vindicator put a stop to it, and to his credit. Vindicator is a good guy even if I dont see everything the way he does.