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Establish a limit on the amount of accounts that can be had per IP. I say 3 seems fair.

That won't work, because it is very easy to use VPN to create new accounts that aren't connected to the old ones. Furthermore, it will penalize other legit users who are behind VPN. For example, 10 legit users happened to be on the same vpn ip, it would be treated as "shills" when they are not.

Ever wonder how we could find out the new subverses being created? It's a good way to find out simply by browsing So even if those subverses are in radio silent mode, it's still possible to find some background info about the users behind the subverses. By applying this same idea, with the implementation of, it's quite possible to audit those sockpuppet accounts. To extend that idea, this new /discover/users/new could show each user's status, regarding the account activities, which could be cached and only updated once every x days.