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Agreed, this has been pushed on us, and it is reasonable to say that we didn't do this to ourselves.

But, with every small bit more that is pushed on us, we generally don't fight back against it very hard either. And it is due to our inherent weaknesses that this can even be pushed. Even if Hitler killed all the Jews, and Talmudism was no more... do you think that no group would ever want power over the world, see that there are societies and peoples that stand in the way of this, and want them divided and weakened and destroyed? Do you think that nobody else would ever realize that the weaknesses in man can be manipulated in these ways?

So yeah, fight the thieves that break into your house and rob your family. But when you are done, you need to start looking at yourself and see how you can better secure your house and better protect your family, because without that strength there's just going to be another thief. And when our unprotected house just keeps getting robbed over and over again for generations, maybe it's time we start taking some responsibility ourselves, if anything is ever going to get better.

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no first they go after your means of fighting back. they take over the necessities. I'm a millennial so i haven't had enough time to amass survival means and by the time that i do it will be too late. cant feed yourself if you are an unemployable antisemite, if you dont think (((they))) own the electrical, the power, the lumber mills, the cement factories and the other necessary facets and building blocks of civilization you are in for a surprise.

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I fully understand that they own all of the utilities and manufacturing industries, either directly or through manipulation of the financial industry.

This does not stop you from overcoming your addictions, from developing a dedicated work ethic, from planning long-term, from facing the statistical realities of life and the world, and from striving to build a community of people who can do this with you. Just a handful of communities filled with people who are like this and who understand how to play the game would be extremely difficult to completely contain, and could start building influence and putting significant cracks in the current power structure. You're facing the Jewish ruling class - which is made up of humans, not magical invincible mythological creatures.

Start fixing yourself and then start building a network of people that functions like a healthy, purposeful tribe of your own. These greedmongers play on your weaknesses, so it only makes sense to have as few as possible.

Or perhaps it is impossible, and you should just give up and die.