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Isn't there a way to prescan the the uploads DB (like a hash table) for known CP?

Minor changes can prevent simple safety measures like these from working. To be better at it you need something like an image recognition system - which may be one reason why Google Image Search was made available in the first place, because they needed that categorization system.

But there's another problem; once you have such a database, it can be "contaminated" with data for other images that aren't child porn, but that others desire to censor. For that matter, you may be required by law to censor some things, assuming you have a mechanism in place to do so.

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OK. Yep I can see minor changes screwing things up for sure. So on the other side, aren't the IPs of uploaders logged and then added to the deny list? I know they can go through a VPN or bounce through a proxy to hide their true IP address. I'm mainly just thinking out loud for a way to protect our Voat paradise!

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The only way I can think of is to switch to a system that can't be shut down. Go p2p.